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  2. Got car partial wrapped, gloss black, front lip, rear diffuser, roof and mirrors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Probably a slow week, I'm afraid. I'm new myself and have a petrol so I can't tell you anything about the diesel engines. Facelift was in 2012. A few people have fitted new head units with everything from Bluetooth to Apple Car Play. Some nice setups documented on here if you search through the threads. Try a main dealer for spares and/or put a post in the wanted section on here. The mirror switch is still flimsy in my 2017! I've seen questions on here about swapping stock bulbs for LED bulbs so again have a search through the threads.
  5. Hi All, I'm thinking about getting a blow off valve for my cupra, just wanted to see if any one knew of a particular make that would be good or any to avoid.
  6. Hi All, I'm thinking about getting a blow off valve for my cupra, just wanted to see if any one knew of a particular make that would be good or any to avoid.
  7. Hi All, I'm thinking about getting a blow off valve for my cupra, just wanted to see if any one knew of a particular make that would be good or any to avoid.
  8. Are there typically not many people on here? If so can anyone recommend another seat or Ibiza forum? Thanks
  9. Damn, it does have to be some sort of dinosaur poop haha, it's definitely a nightmare to get rid of I had it a few weeks back on my windscreen and it wouldn't budge, only the jet wash got it gone.. Yeah give it a fresh clean, done mine yesterday made the most of the great weather we had on my day off work..
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  11. The one on the rear window , my friends were calling it pterodactyl Dinosaur poop on Snapchat. I don't know what sort of birds did this. Not even windscreen wash would clear it. πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦… spent tonight using bird lime remover, a bucket and warm water, its a nightmare to move off, most of its gone. Especially the big partsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll have to give it a proper good wash tomorrow evening.
  12. Now that was either a big bird or an ill bird.. Some of them splats are big, how the hell can you see out of the back window haha. Liking the first pic though, cars looking fresh.
  13. Got the car cleaned and waxed on Monday. And now by thursday I have a hoard of bird poo on my car 😫😫😫 so have been driving today with clean Alloys and poop on the body.
  14. cheers all sorted now dont know how i knocked it on as i havent been in the settings recently ! cheers matee
  15. She sure has bud still a bit to do but will get it done lol took me a while with me acl in my knee. It has just been fixed lol
  16. You need to go through the settings in the Garmin unit under Navigation and turn those settings off [emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Now that has come a long way. I like it mate. I see there's just a touch of blue left but as for the rest of the car it's looking good.
  18. In regards of coilovers, I used pro-sport, they're ok for the money, and aluminium so don't rust like a lot of the other low end brands, just make sure you get short drop links! My ARB bushes were ruined in 2 weeks using the standard drop links Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Afternoon all,The story so far....So I had a check engine light come up on my dash about four weeks ago. When I got home I plugged in my code reader and found it to be a P0411 code. I researched this on the internet and found it to be a fault somewhere with the Secondary Air Injection system. I have now reset the code twice however it just comes back the next day.I don't know much about this however have done a bit of diagnosing and found the following points -1) The secondary air pump doesn't appear to run at all when the engine is first started. I have removed the output hose and there is no air coming out, and no noise at all from the pump. What I did notice was the hose between the pump and the combination valve had water in it. Is this normal? Is it just condensation?2) I have tested the combination valve by pulling a vacuum on the smaller hose going to it and blowing into the larger hose. As far as I can tell all is OK with that (i.e. no air can be blown in when the valve is closed however can with the vacuum on the small hose).3) There is a vacuum on the small hose running to the solenoid valve, however no vacuum beyond it (i.e. in the hose from the solenoid valve to the combination valve). I checked the connector to the solenoid and oddly there is only 8V between the pins - should this be 12V? Also I measured 6V between the Earth pin and ground on top of the engine - is this normal?4) All three rubber mounts that are supposed to support the pump have disintegrated so the pump is free to bump about.I'm not sure what to do next. Could the relay that supplies these bits be faulty?Regards,Rob
  20. Hey all! just bought a Seat Ibiza FR 2.0l 2011. The cars a lovely blue and it's been remapped by Ecotune to give 200Bhp so it's pretty poky! the car is for the mrs due to the miles she does to work, and I've taken her car and made my daily (370z) into a weekend car Some questions I had which would really help me: 1. I'm right in thinking I have a pre facelift? 2. Does this car have any common modifications that are recommended? 3. The car doesn't have a sceen for the head unit which I was gutted about. I would have preferred a Bluetooth type arrangement. What do others do to get around this? Can the facelift head unit fit into the pre facelift? 4. The bonnet handle inside the car to open the bonnet is broke and I'm after a replacement. 5. The mechanism to adjust the wing mirrors electronically is snapped off so I need a new part. It's the part on the doorcard on the drivers side 6. The arch gap looks massive! I almost thought the seller put wrong tyres on the car but they are stock size! The 40 profile is pretty small. Is it common for people to get 215/40/17 or 205/45/17 instead? Can any changes be done to the ECU to tell the speedo what tyre size is on the car if I update it so it sorts out the speedo and the trip computer? 7. I've got a lightbulb light on the dashboard seller said it was because of led nunberplate this the case with others who have LEDs all around? anybother recommendations would be good. I don't plan to spend loads on the car since it's nice as it is and it's meant to just get the Mrs to work and back thanks a lot
  21. Worlds apart from when I got her and still a bit to do. She will see crail this summer tho
  22. Hi Guys + gals, I dont know how but an annoying audio speed warning has started happening in my car. Now like everyone i dont speed at all. But on some roads im not even close to the speed limit and the voice comes on and says watch your speed. Say 30 in a 40 zone. Anyone know how to switch it off my commute to work is being ruined I have a 2015 fr with garmin sat nav. cheers dan
  23. Hello everyone I have somebody trying to sell me this Ibiza MK4: He is going to change the timing belt and it also will come with another set of wheels and tyres (I think the other set has slicks). How much do you think it is worth? Cheers
  24. Hi all, I'm new to this forum so though I would say hello and has anybody got any advise on android auto? I have a 1.4tfsi FR with the integrated touch screen. When I'm using android auto sometimes it plays the music through the phone and not the car. It also just stops and crashes the whole interface when using maps. Any ideas? My phone is a Sony Xperia XA Ultra. Thanks in advance!!
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  26. Yeah I have the front lip and number plate recess wrapped black. Went to see my mate about wrapping the roof and mirrors last Friday, so hopefully on the next week or 2 I'll have my mirrors and roof wrapped gloss black too.
  27. Yeah man getting my roof mirrors front lip and rear diffuser wrapped gloss black, and then I'll move on to my alloys and exhaust just bit by bit making it better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Is it 501 bulbs you have in your rear plates? Ive got 36mm festoon lamps in my rear number plate lights. They light up a treat as well, check the gallery to see pics if you like. They were a straight swap and have never given me any trouble and no flickering either.
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