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  1. I would swap all the ancillaries over from the original, which should then make it plug and play.
  2. You can find anything online to back up a story. As I said, if they are cast properly, with holes in the casting and treated after you shouldn't have any issues. The issues most people have are from plain discs which are drilled, therefore not designed to do the job.
  3. This is an awesome build Andy, the car has come on so far since I first saw it in person all those years ago! With regards to brakes, Squealing isn't down to no dust seals, it is down to the material the pads are made from. If you do have any issues, give Garreth at GSM Performance (BigBrakes4U) a shout, he sells quite a few K Sport kits along with the majority of other makes and he will be able to sort anything out for you. You shouldn't have any problems with discs cracking if they have been cast with holes in and not drilled after being made. Cheap OE replacement drilled discs crack because they are drilled. Discs with holes in by design don't crack due to being cast that way.
  4. Also remapping will not solve hiur issues, it may mask them though. A decent mapping company will only map a healthy car in the first place. Imo the garage has messed something up, potentially damaged the dpf. As it has been said already, the car isnt designed for town mileage so you will always have dpf issues
  5. So you would prefer the car to be mapped badly as you cannot control road conditions? Also you can't actually live map most modern cars with standard ecus
  6. or a mini cooper s
  7. Only cars I can think of for that budget are the mk5 golf 1.4 tsi (did anything else on that platform use the engine too) or a corsa d sri
  8. That is a really good spec, similar to my first one which was great on track. As T said though will yiu actually use it? a typical track day costs about 200 theb 100 for fuel, factor in brake wear, tyre wear, food, etc and you are looking at about 500 a track day.
  9. As I said on fb, I think it's generally a good idea. The only disadvantage I can think of is not being able to insure and tax a car in a day if it has to be done online. At the moment you can insure a car and go straight to the post office and tax it but doing it online requires the insuranceddatabase being updated
  10. Be careful on times of year, ferrys can be 300 return at times.
  11. Lexus LFA and a GT3 RS 4.0
  12. One of the club sponsors, Shark Performance, would be my choice. They are in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire but have dealers closer to you.
  13. Now for sale