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  1. Hi. Is there a guide for the removal of the radiator. Its sprung a leak and I need to change it. Is the job a pain to do??? Or should I go to a garage and let them do it. I've read Haynes manual that says front bumper removal, headlight removal, intercooler removal etc etc. Its not like working on an old car if the Haynes manual is right. I can't believe what you have to do. Any help or advice appreciated. Paul
  2. Medium wave only gives me a load of static interference as if I am driving under a perpetual bridge. Never used to be like this...... And very strange, whilst driving along the interference can get worse when the steering wheel is turned!!!???!!???! Is the problem at the aerial base on the roof or at the connections at the back of radio?? Any advice much appreciated.
  3. Which is the best low cost OBD2 code reader to buy. D900 CANSCAN, Maxiscan, Sealey or is another make better..... Also I have seen on ebay, ELM327 bluetooth/WiFi code readers for use with android phone/tablet. What do folk think of this type of OBD code reader??? Cheers!
  4. The DPF info link does not work, has the information related to the DPF been moved elsewhere?????
  5. Hi everyone, Has anyone experienced there being no sound when the indicators are operated??? Also there is no sound when the lights have been left on and the front door is opened. Other warning beeps do not happen when the temp sensor indicates an ice warning or when fuel gets too low (but the lamp illuminates). Could it be a loose connector - but where should I begin to look??? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone, Is there a simple procedure for checking the function of the EGR valve. I've had the glowplug light flashing at me for a couple of minutes then go out as I was driving the other day. I am suspecting the EGR valve as this has happened before, and a diagnostic scan showed the EGR at fault. I don't suspect the DPF regenerating as the DPF light has not illuminated. Hope someone can be of assistance, Many thanks in advance to a reply.../
  7. Hi Everyone, Does anybody know the exact location of the sounder unit that operates if the lights are left on and the front doors are opened??? It is also the warning for low fuel / low temperature and the sounder for the indicators. Stopped working on my car so I'm hoping that it is only a loose wire connection......... Many thanks, Paul.
  8. Again thanks Dibnah, I'll have to email SEAT about cambelt changes. The only thing I have found that requires attention at 100K is the DPF filter. What do you know about EGR valve and any problems?? Paul
  9. Hi Dibnah, SEAT themselves last November told me it was due for a cambelt change - at a cost of £300. Said they should be changed at 40K. I had done 47K. I had the camshaft sensor changed along with cambelt + kit changed for £330 by a VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA garage. I am wondering if the EGR valve needs a clean out, as it was flagged up on a diagnostic earlier in the year. I was told the valve sometimes sticks. Or should I just replace it??.
  10. Hi, Is there a guide on the replacement of front brake pads and discs available?, I can only find one for rear brake drums. What would the thickness of the pads / discs need to be to warrant replacement?? Many thanks, Paul
  11. Took car back said I was not happy with it the way it started up. Looked it over and sorted the problem out. Word to the effect that air was getting into the fuel line???. so they replaced a seal at £1.15. This issue had nothing to do to the work previously carried out. Car starts first toiuch now. (As it used to do)
  12. Thanks for your post Dibnah, Seat dealership told me cam belts are due for replacement at 40k. I have just clocked 51K. So I thought I'd rather it be done than having any moe expense with it breaking on me.
  13. The car has now had the timing belt changed, the camshaft position sensor changed due to weak signal found using diagnostics tool. Unfortunately the car now has a permanent startingup problem. It now takes several seconds from turning the key to it firing up and starting. It did not have this problem before. I willl run the car for a week or so and then maybe have this checked over. Any help greatly received. Paul.
  14. Had the car on a diagnostic last week - came up with a weak signal on the camshaft position sensor. So getting that done and also the timing belt done at the same time as it was due for changing. Hopefully this will be the end of the judder at low speeds and lack of power!!!
  15. Hi, Has anyone had the issue of the indicators/hazard flashers working with no audible clicking. The bulbs are fine, the tell tale green light flashes but no sound. I have been told there is no relay like older cars have and it is a control unit??? Can any one shed some light on what is wrong? Many thanks, Paul.