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  1. Cordoba ready again. Have a new project next. Its a 99 2 door Ibiza trackday car with a 280hp 1.8T in. Looking for a shell so I can rebuild it, must be rot free (93 to 2002 would do it, I think. Must be 2 door) Also, 20th overall in 2013 and 26th OA last weekend in jack frost 2014 (both in my gtir) Jon Anybody got a shell, email me please :
  2. Bit of an update, haven't been on here for ages. Albermarle rally: 13th July. Was holding top 20 in the Cordoba when a nasty noise appeared on the transmission. Had to retire. Crown wheel bearing disintegrated. Luckily the gears etc ok. (Quaife !!!) Now repaired and back in Just bought a mk2 Ibiza track car to reshell, so on the lookout for a 98 shell (or a whole 3 door 98 car..) After a mint one. Out next time twice at croft. xmas stages and the jack frost. If anybody is playing around with a cordoba 2 door, I have some nice carbon bits spare. WRC spoiler etc
  3. whatever you fit make sure all the clamps are on real tight...
  4. Had one of these, drove a bit old fashioned. Then I removed the wheels for a looksee at the suspension. Ah, that'll be it. A 'special' suspension configuration. Roll on progress...
  5. Price is a good indication of quality, IMHO. Its mobil1 motorsport for the race/rally cars and any well known brand at half the price for the road cars
  6. The TD engine will pull it no probs, as I have recently dragged a mk2 on a medium trailer 600 miles in a day using a modern 1.6TDI (passat...)
  7. Mixed bag at the christmas stages. As ever at Croft it was cold, and didnt stop raining all day. So slippy, greasy. I had big brakes on it so was stuck on 16 MO's so had to use use old road tyres. 215/40's. Hardly ideal. Had a couple of minor off's usual stuff, then spun onto the mud on stage 6. Lost 4 mins getting pushed out. So midfield finish. List of stuff to do is about halfway done. Most important is downsizing front brakes, so I can use proper 190/580/15's which are common to my other two rally cars. Some minor front panel damage from a missed chicane/tyres rub. Engine strong, making me difficult to get past down the straights. Handling fine, reasonably balanced. Still learning to drive it. Steering painfully slow at chicanes. I am used to quickracks. Tell me more about yours. Sorry, no website
  8. Will be out again in my Cordoba , after its first event last week Jon
  9. I say go for it. Maybe a fast lambda sensor before you start, so you can see how the fuelling is initially. Following the crowd is not always for everyone. IMHO Jon