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  1. I got a sneak preview of the new Ibiza at the local dealership a couple of weeks ago and my initial impressions were a bit underwhelming. Admittedly it was a basic model in left hand drive coloured Monsoon Grey compared to my current FR black edition (red with black wheels and black wing mirrors). It was 5 doors and when I asked the salesman if there would be a 3 door version he said yes but I have since read that it will only be produced in 5 doors. This for me is the first mistake as 5 doors takes away the sporty look I always consider when buying. Yes it does look like a smaller Leon even having the same shape of wing mirrors but I would rather the Ibiza maintained it's unique look. The dashboard is very different but tbh I don't think it looks any better than the current one. It will be a couple of years before I change so at least that will give me time to see what it looks like on the road and hear what new owners think about it but for the meantime I can't say I will definitely be going for the new model when the time comes.
  2. Same engine as yours Stevee. Traded in my 3 year old FR which was Alor Blue which is a great colour but just wanted a change and thought the red with black wheels/wing mirrors looks pretty smart too. Still getting used to the 6 speed gearbox and loving all the updated onboard technology including DAB radio. This is my fourth Ibiza, just love the styling and never had any bother with them plus a lot cheaper than equivalent Audis!
  3. Ordered in July, took 17 weeks but finally took delivery yesterday. Anyone else had to wait that long?
  4. Hi Conor Like you I considered an Audi A1 sport which has exactly the same engine/performance as the FR 1.2 TSI but personally I think the Ibiza is a nicer looking motor and when it came to prices there was no contest. The Audi dealer could only offer £250 off list price and their trade in offer for my Ibiza 1.4 sport was something like £750 less than the SEAT dealership who were offering £1,600 off list price (I think this offer is still on at moment). So overall the difference in price for me was nearly five grand I went for Alor Blue with chrome handles and wing mirrors which are nice contrast. Suppose it's down to personal choice but I would always go for a metallic and I always avoid red as there is a tendency for them to fade. I never thought of Targus alloys as the ones fitted are pretty smart too. You can see a pic of my FR under 'Newbie from Central Scotland' BTW it took about 10 weeks from order to collection for me although my private reg. probably added maybe 1 week. Good luck and happy motoring when you finally get your FR. John
  5. Hi Xanthian I got a new FR 1.2 TSi a few weeks ago too but mine is Alor Blue but like your's I think it's pretty rare as well, at the moment anyway as it's a new colour. The only add-ons I got were chrome handles and wing mirrors but you have given me some good ideas which I'll have a think about. Out of interest what tyres did you get with your car? I got Continental which I'm pleased with and my previous Ibiza had Goodyear Excellence which I also liked but were pretty expensive to replace. You can see a pic of my car under 'Newbie from Central Scotland'.
  6. I picked up my new FR last Friday and like you I am dead chuffed. I got chrome handles and wing mirrors but don't think they would really suit your white one although the tints should set it off very nicely. My last Ibiza was white and wanted a change so I've gone for Alor Blue this time (you can see pic on 'Newbie from Central Scotland'). Happy motoring with your new FR and I hope you get some good ideas on here to make it look even more sporty
  7. Hi, I'm John from Central Scotland and the proud owner of a new FR 1.2 TSi Too old to be a boy racer I just like to get my car from new with a few extras added to give it my own personal touch. I have chrome mirrors and handles as good contrast for the latest shade of blue (Alor Blue) Also got rear parking sensors fitted and sat-nav comes as standard. Photo of new car below. I hope that my 3 year old Candy White 1.4 sport goes to a good home
  8. Thanks for that info and your photo definitely confirms that the ones fitted to my FR are the matt aluminium covers. I'll let the salesman know but I'm not going to get them changed as they still look pretty smart and can't be bothered with hassle of taking car back for such a minor cosmetic difference.
  9. I got my new Ibiza FR yesterday with chrome handles and wing mirrors which I had only seen on the computer configurator. When I picked up the car the wing mirrors are not high gloss like the handles, but more aluminium looking. The salesman assured me that it was not a mistake and they had not ordered the wrong ones, but I'm not so sure because when I picked them he said there was a choice of chrome or aluminium so it makes me wonder what the aluminium ones look like in comparison. Just wondered if anyone has the chrome ones and can let me know if they are high gloss or matt? Still pleased with them and in fact they seem to match the alloys perfectly but the idea was to have wing mirrors and handles matching as contrast to colour of the car (Alor Blue).
  10. I got a new Ibiza FR yesterday and was surprised that the spare key is now also electronic which would have solved your problem. You should have been given the code for your key (looks like a barcode) which a specialist car locksmith would need to cut a new one and reset the chip. Not sure what they would charge but I've heard it could be around £200 at SEAT dealerships. Have you checked your insurance which might have cover for keys but obviously you would have to pay excess but may save you something. Good luck anyway.