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  1. i just read about really bad ride, really bouncey and also the adjusters sticking and not moving happend to a few people
  2. welcome along man, have a look on here for spoilers etc too http://www.madmotors.co.uk/ got my rdx one from there on my mk4 came delivered really quick from germany
  3. welcome along man
  4. welcome along man
  5. welcome along man from what ive read dont get the JOM! get at least the AP's https://www.dpmperformance.co.uk/car-parts/seat/ibiza/buy/coilovers give damian and ring and see what he says, nice helpful guy
  6. could be the shift linkage in the engine where the rubber bearing is in the middle off it like these pictures https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/42-draft-designs/42-draft-designs-shifter-bushing-kit/ give awesome a ring and tell them the problem they will help you with what you need if they sell it
  7. welcome along man, good deal on the car! yeh the aircon does put a little load on the engine which increases the revs slightly i find on my car anyway 1.8 t fr mk4, it will rev high on a cold start if it has a secondary air intake like mine does. not sure if diesels have them and then after say 30 seconds it calms down. my petrol also idles rough sometimes but it doesnt shake, i think its just the nature of the beast..someone else with a diesel will know.. rough idle could also be the spark plugs but diesels dont have them so i dont know lol
  8. HI

    nice one, i have the same car welcome along! check my build thread for ideas
  9. welcome along, car looks ace
  10. welcome along man
  11. welcome along man, you will want to get a custom exhaust from https://www.longlife.co.uk/ find your nearest dealer or powerflow https://www.powerflowexhausts.co.uk/ looks like awesomegti have an induction kit for your car https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/forge/forge-induction-kit-for-1-2-tsi/ but you will need to check the engine code as it says on the link
  12. gearbox oil is in and its a little better but not a lot! he did say it will get better over time so we will see.
  13. right, gearbox has been a bugger since i got the car, very clunky when you change gear and it seems to have got worse recently and stiff to go in to 3rd and 5th when warm even though i had the oil changed 1-2 years ago i got them to put cheap stuff in. the guy and my garage said i should buy 2 litres of the castrol syntrans multivehicle 70w90 as it fixes problems with gear changes etc. so il try that when i have it changed and see how it goes.
  14. yeh not many companies make them for the 1.4 mate your best off going to your nearest long life dealer www.longlife.co.uk or powerflow dealer who will make you a custom one with which ever tail pipe and sound you want.
  15. get a small pocket size bottle of chemical guys new car smell air freshener