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  1. washed today and dried with wowo's quick detailer and day time pictures!
  2. The lights didnt fit perfectly apparently and took the garage an extra 2h to do when he had the front bumper off, something to do the bottom holes not lining up and not having the right threads so he had to re thread them and cut some threads off the screws, no idea what he was on about but yeh these are made in taiwan and are the Junyan lights distributed by Autoartltd in the UK and they wernt machined correctly, so if you plan on fitting them yourself and you dont really know what your doing you might have a struggle or maybe it was just mine that wernt done correctly. Maybe someone else has had the same problem and can explain it better.. You can also use the motors from your original headlights which are the black boxes inside and wire up and screw in to the new ones which means the electric adjuster thing next to the light switch will work inside the car. The garage didnt do the motors as i think he forgot after the bumper was already re done up with the lights installed. Not really an issue as i never tow anything and doubt i ever will so i wont need to use the adjuster. Car will still pass the MOT perfectly which i have next month. They came with normal see through h1 low and h1 high beam and also the orange 581 py21w indicators Osram cool blue intense 4200k h1 in low and h1 in high beam and Osram diadem chrome indicators 581 py21w to get rid of that nasty yellow effect in all that silver. Doesnt look like that in the picture in real life as i think the flash was on the camera and made the light shine up Forgot to mention if you know what you are doing you can wire the daytime running LED lights to be permenantly on when the light switch is off but i didnt really want that.
  3. welcome along man, use bilt hamber auto wheel fall out remover to clean them then when there clean use a wheel sealant like race glaze nano wheel seal. 2 layers will give you 6 months easily, just spray it on leave a few mins then buff and 1h later do another layer..easy to use. and i use autoglanz alkalloy diluted 10-1 for regular cleaning
  4. welcome along man
  5. small update boys n girls just ordered some autoart black DRL headlights http://www.performancelights.co.uk/seat-ibiza-3-02-08-cordoba-03-08-black-drl-headlights.html off ebay with free shipping, i will post a pic when i have them installed
  6. hi and welcome man not sure what the problem is, cant you stick a odb diagnostics reader on and find out?
  7. welcome along mate i hope it doesnt take too much effort to get that wrap off might need some tar remover and fallout remover+clay barred all over before you polish
  8. welcome along mike, i hope she enjoys it
  9. welcome along man
  10. put your reg in here http://www.atseuromaster.co.uk/batteries https://www.kwik-fit.com/batteries
  11. not sure on those lights man but its a common problem with the mk4 and the lights getting full of condensation
  12. APC , all purpose cleaner will do it! most will need diluted though
  13. i would use this stuff https://www.prestigecarcareshop.com/collections/wash-dry/products/adams-new-waterless-wash with this https://www.prestigecarcareshop.com/collections/wash-dry/products/adams-microfiber-waterless-wash-towels adams products are always top quality and theres videos showing you how to use each product. then just go over the car with a detail spray and buff, job done or you could try something like this https://www.shopnshine.co.uk/chemical-guys-ecosmart-ru
  14. welcome along lilly, what country are you in? get some pics up
  15. welcome along man, not sure what the noise is but get it lower and some decent rims on it!