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  1. I've been looking at a company called beach buggy turbos. They do a hybrid k03s which will bolt straight into your Cupra which will go to 300hp with supporting mods. I think you need 440cc injectors, 3" maf with the oversized TIP Etc and a few other bits and bobs.
  2. Hello guys, I went to a Honda track day at Combe today, fair to say they were all friendly people, all loved cars and everyone was involved in helping each other and all there just to have fun. From what I could gather they had 12 of them with an open pit lane 20 minutes of every hour for £150 each. Anybody on here be interested in doing a similar thing?
  3. On the back of the steering wheel, at 9 and 3 if you were look at a clock there's holes, you need to get a screwdriver or something of the sort in there to flick the tabs of that will then release the airbag. Make sure you disconnect the battery though
  4. Big fan of this! Very nice mate
  5. They cades euros?
  6. I'm also looking forward!!
  7. What size are the wheels mate?
  8. The cupra spoiler looks so much nicer! I can't ever find one though
  9. Anyone run the ibiza 4 pots and the Leon's? Notice much difference?
  10. Nice mate
  11. Looks lush in yellow!
  12. How do they compare to the t1r's? Thinking of getting some wondered of you got them in the end?
  13. Looks good mate like the rolling pic
  14. Did you ever fit the 323mm discs and leon calipers? Were they bolt on?
  15. Love tis!