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  1. I thought they would just order the cans but they gave me £50 cash and booked me in for a valet with one of the "local cleaners" so I took the cash and didn't bother, I'd rather do it myself to be honest.
  2. I can't help you with an estimation but I'm fairly certain it depends on which engine you have. Add that and I'm sure someone else can help you out.
  3. **UPDATE** After speaking with the manager in person he agreed to pay for another two cans of Plasti-dip and a thorough interior valet as means of apology. Still not impressed that their staff treated my pride and joy with such disrespect. I'll be getting one of those service packages Seat do next year I reckon. Is this the right place to be slagging off discussing the quality of service from my local KAM Servicing garage? Just got my car back after an MOT and Servicing which all went well but they left my plasti-dipped door cards in a right state scuffed and covered in filthy hand smudges. Is it so hard to use the handle to push the door open? Spoke to the manager about it on the phone and he's agreed to see it for himself. I was rushing to get home to sleep before a night shift so I guess that's why I foolishly didn't inspect the car before leaving, I shouldn't have to imo. I will update tomorrow morning with how they plan to deal with this mess.
  4. Welcome aboard! Do all the columns inside match the dashboard then? Been thinking of plasti-dipping my weird off-beige columns but if Cupra ones will fit an SC then I might just buy some for a better match.
  5. Welcome aboard! Got any plans for the new ride?
  6. ohh myy i love that hand break light. definitely adding footwell and handbreak lighting next haha
  7. Not sure about rules and laws but I see plenty people driving about with their front plate on their dashboard in full view. Sadly the Gov website doesn't clear much up as far as displaying them goes. https://www.gov.uk/displaying-number-plates/overview
  8. Nice! I've got the same wheels in silver, getting mine refurbed and recoloured black tomorrow. Had any thoughts about interior mods?
  9. Had some glossy black sideskirts and rear spoiler fitted last Friday! Bought the whole kit with front and rear bumpers off a chap up near Heatlepool. Alloy colour change, roof and boot vinyl wrap next on the list I think.
  10. Doesn't look like it! You can find me on Steam with the same account name SparkiiJaxx. Mostly play Rocket League these days but I'm up for a blast on anything really
  11. Doesn't look like it! You can find me on Steam with the same account name SparkiiJaxx. Mostly play Rocket League these days but I'm up for a blast on anything really
  12. I agree. I've got the digital AC unit and so many times you can attempt to adjust the temp or fan strength and it either doesn't register at all or it think you pressed it two or three times lmao Good stuff man, need me some of those black wheels.
  13. I can tell you what I haven't done to Ibiza today! My new plates without Sandicliffe's advertising plastered on the bottom arrived today. I don't have a drill, they're not drilled, why me?
  14. Haha April fools love it. Glad I was too busy being duped irl to see this thread in time :')
  15. Hmm possibly. It's just a difficult shape to wrap. I think the best option would be a lot of masking tape and using plasti-dip!