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  1. Thanks for the info. Ill keep an eye out for a price drop...then ill maybe make an investment.
  2. So thinking of removing the evomotive badge on the rear. However not sure what to expect as a result. Im assuming after a few good years, that there will be a shadow of "ecomotive" wording that will be hard to get rid off?
  3. Evening all....so im thinking hard about investing in the forge blow off valve. But a few things im not sure about... Fyi. I have a 1.2 tsi sport hatchback. Im running stage 1 revo ecu remap. K&N mesh filter. Powerflow exhaust (from cat back) that gives a modest noise As i understand the default turbo recirculates air instead of pushing it into the atmosphere. With my ecu remap im running more boost on the turbo, so in thinking it will help reduce the likeliness of any problems. The noise...yes whilst its cool to hear the whistle noise, i can imagine it can get tiring on motorways. But im wondering do you hear the Bov at low revs? Say under 3000rpm? All the videos online seem to be revving the hell out of their cars to hear it. Any advice / info please?
  4. To be honest mate. The air filter in the 1.2s are good and putting in an induction kit I dont think you will get more benefit. Instead you should look at replacing the filter in the airbox with an aftermarket (K&N\Pipercross do these). You will get slightly more engine noise from that. Then if you want the whistle noise, then you can just put on a BOV...
  5. I got 40mpg today. That was on a 10 mile trip. 1 mile of that sat in traffic. A mixture of A roads and speeds between 30-70mph
  6. The remap is very good. Im running about 130-135. I like the performance gains when in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears. The torque is great. Acceleration has also improved. 2nd gear is a dream if you need it to be! I have the manual gearbox and I think i am near the maximum torque rating....however I dont drive like a lunatic so im not worried about that. The manual gearbox's are strong. however im not sure about the DSG ones. I dont know if top speed has improved as I dont try and get near it...at the end of the day its a 1.2, but it has no problem getting to 70 really quick and still has loads left in the tank! B roads are now a dream to drive on. If you get a remap. I recommend you get a metal mesh air filter to replace the paper one and if you can think about getting an exhaust. Like mentioned before, I have a custom powerflow, but i tailored the sound to "not loud", as its not the image i want. It pur's nicely now. Ill try and get the go pro out t his weekend and make some video's....but happy to answer any more questions.
  7. Okay, so it really does depend on how heavy my right foot is. The last few days i've been in eco mode (The Mrs has been with me) so ive seen high's of around 49-51mpg. On my daily commute to work (on my own) i will get between 37-44mpg. Worth noting that I have a K&N filter (in standard filter box), REVO Remap (stage 1) and a custom powerflow exhaust. The new exhaust has actually improved mpg by about 2-3 (but i did go for a back box that was similar to the standard factory size). All in all not bad for a 1.2 TSI!!
  8. Hi All I have the Seat Ibiza Sport 1.2 TSI (2011). Running Stage 1 Revo ECU Remap. Im looking at upgrading with a powerflow system. The decision I have is to have the custom build exhaust made from the Cat through to the tail pipe. Or just upgrade the rear box and tailpipe? In terms of exhaust tone, id like to avoid droning and I dont want anything that sounds "boy racer". I just want a sportier tone, quiet at low speeds etc What are your thoughts? Thanks Craig
  9. Remap :-) if you go with that also change the panel air filter. You can get Pipercross\K&N filters that fit inside the airbox.
  10. Hi All So my 1.2 TSI Sport hatchback (5 door) does not have a rear seat courtesy light. So its dark in the rear, which makes installing the baby seat a bit fiddly. Does anyone know how easy it would be to get a rear courtesy light fitted? Thanks Craig
  11. Revo stage 1. Just got mine done. Love it.
  12. Revo do two maps depending on what fuel you run. Normal or higher octane fuel. I opted for the Normal one, as so ill be getting between 129ps to 134ps. Torque is up around the 150 mark. The company i used http://www.mgautos.uk.com/ do performance mods on a lot of VW engine and assured me that the new map is still running within the thresholds of the engine.....my main concern was that rating of the gear box may be exceded but ive been assured its not. Still yet to try a 0-60 test due to current road conditions lately (safety comes first). The acceleration from 30-70 is insane.
  13. So finally got my Ibiza 1.2 TSI Sport remapped. So far the difference is very noticeable in a massive positive way! When you push the pedal you feel the extra BHP andTorque. But at the same time, it doesnt look like it has affected MPG much whilst driving under normal conditions! Happy to answer any questions for anyone else wanting to get a remap!
  14. Alright mate...Not sure if the head unit you have posted will fit directly. I got mine from Icebox Auto. http://www.iceboxauto.com/seat Check out my youtube video if it: It comes with all the connections that you need. The only thing I had to buy separately was some wiring tools for power and a FM Booster. So far so good for an import unit.
  15. So received the camera. It has way too many cables etc connected to it ive decided not to fit it. Purely based on the fact I dont want to create a mess of things. Ill probably wait for someone else to do this mod first :-)