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  1. The aerial base is a common fault, but if you've got an aftermarket radio in, you will probably benefit from fitting a signal amplifier to it.
  2. I drive to the jet wash, spray TFR all over it, drop a couple of quid in and high pressure shampoo it off. They never seem to put much shampoo in the machine, so I don't bother rinsing it. And that's it really, every 2 weeks or 1000 miles, whichever comes first.
  3. Fairly sure it's like th earlier cars where that part of the lower grill is held on by a few screws, then the light unit comes out with a few more screws. Loosen the clip and the light unit comes apart. For ****s sake though, don't drive about with them on all the time it's not 1997 any more
  4. What year and engine size is your car?
  5. Know what you mean about L plates, 36 years old and I still have them on the bike! Good luck with the test.
  6. I like it, but they really need to sort the ride height out.
  7. Ibizas always seem to wear the inside first, but not to that degree, there's something properly wrong there, even the tread on the outside doesn't look amazing. Is the other side the same? Any rear suspension mods or signs of previous accident damage?
  8. Deicer is over rated, all I use is a kettle of very slightly warm water. The ice melts straight away, then bang the wipers on. Inside I just use a silicone blade to dry the windows. Leave the fan on blowing cold at the windscreen and have the windows down and inch until the engine gets warm. Diesels never really seem to warm up unless you're actually driving. They'll sit on the drive idling all day and still not get off cold.
  9. Bear in mind if you take the switch out of the gearbox, that gearbox oil will escape... And it smells really really bad. In the first instance, take the electrical plug off the switch and stick a but of wire between the pins. If the light doesn't work, it's not the switch, if it does, it's probably the switch.
  10. Maybe if the diesel had a bit more power, or the TSI had a bit more economy, but seeing as that's not happening, I'll keep my 6L TDI thanks.
  11. People who bollock up to a give way line, then jump on the brakes. Yeah, don't mind me riding a bike here having a ****ing heart attack.
  12. Hotwiring it? Perfectly! Really do need to fix that.
  13. On a VAG, it can be literally anything.
  14. New battery on, new passenger lock, still not solved the alarm Inca helped, Burgman got in the way.
  15. Not that model specifically, but I had a Garmin a few years ago and hated it to the point that it went out of the window somewhere near Leicester.