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  1. Strange one, no fault codes - does VCDS connect to the module OK?
  2. Check the fuse strips on top of the battery.
  3. What machine are you using?
  4. Does it only do it when the engine is warm?
  5. I've done all of my boost pipes like this and holding fine
  6. You need a 096 Battery with a CCA over 650 ideally 700+ AH over 68
  7. Try readjusting the gear linkage first
  8. Little video on fixing your boost leaks, once and for all!
  9. I've never had an issue of yellowing white when I change mine
  10. Haha, basically, they're quite expensive
  11. Thanks for the link, but holy sh*t, they like pulling your pants down for cost!
  12. Very nice, do you happen to have a link to the headlights? The bonnet mods looks subtle but I bet loads better?
  13. Fancy changing the colour of your MK4 instrument cluster? Check out my new guide -
  14. v1.2 Uploaded - Enjoy Added · [01] – Engine o ECU Swap (Immobiliser Coding) · [17] – Instruments o Instrument Cluster Swap (Immobiliser Coding) Changed · [01] – Engine o Cruise Control Activation · [17] – Instruments o Key Programming / Matching Minor Amendments.