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  1. Hi all, is anyone breaking or does anyone have any MK1 parts available. I have recently acquired a car and need a few bits for it. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Im new to the forum and looking to re-live my childhood. My dad purchased a 5 door 903cc back in 1988. He owned it until 2005 at which point it had only covered 29k. He was getting on a bit and with it not having power steering I bought him a new car. Sadly, I sold the Ibiza to my wifes cousin who just left it outside his house for years and didn't use it. Anyway, he moved house and got rid or the car at which point the trail goes cold. Id love to know if she is still on the road so if anyone knows of her where abouts please let me know. Attached is a pic of me back in '92 with F54 DGP in the background.