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  1. Keeping good company, can you see two Porsches?
  2. The mot ran out, the clutch was slipping and the radiator leaking. All done and repaired and back on the road again.
  3. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mk1-seat-ibiza/1205645790?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  4. This has gone down to £500 now
  5. See the link a couple down there was one on gumtree a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Finally got round to changing the rad hoses. You need a slightly larger jubilee clip on the thermostat housing than you do on the radiator end. Also the top hose is too short so I had to trim the old one back until I find the right length one. The listing is correct on eBay but as you can see its far Too short. I got all excited and took it for a test drive. Only for the horn to keep sticking on left hand lock! Quick fix as one of the contacts on the column has got tangled up. The joys of budget motoring!
  7. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mk1-seat-ibiza-very-rare/1198910966?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  8. ^this little bad boy!^ I'm having trouble locating!
  9. Been busy fitting a new bathroom so this has been in the back burner for a while. Sat on the drive for three weeks since I collected it just too busy to take it for a spin. Finally found a spare half hour. Took it for some super unleaded. £30 filled it right up! Done a dummy run to work and back got the speedo up to 20mph than it should be on the motorway. Double checked with my phone gps speedo and it's about 10mph out. Its pretty noisy on the motorway too! Not the most refined drive! Anyway after a week of standing the header tank was empty and there was rusty water all over the gearbox. Squeeze the top radiator hose and it's split where the jubilee clip joins the thermostat housing. They all feel pretty crusty so I've ordered two new ones. Struggling to find the short 90 bend one if anyone has any ideas? I'll give the whole system a good flush through whilst I'm at it.
  10. I struggled getting parts from my local motor factors. They drew blanks on most parts, unavailable! So armed with a few reference numbers it was off to eBay. That wasn't without it's headaches! The first cam belt kit despite correctly listed they actually sent me one for a toyota D4D Diesel engine. By the time I'd realised it was the wrong part it was out of date for me to return. Never mind as it retails for nearly double what I paid so I should be able to recoup that easily enough! Anyway if your factors can't get you the parts ask them for the part numbers. Makes your eBay search that much easier. Cam belt kits 19mm 112 toothdayco ktb401 or gates k015063. Qbk129. That doesn't mean the supplier will post what you've ordered so double check it on arrival! The wheel bearing wasn't available either fbk658 The header tank was starting to split so I had to find a new one. I thought mission impossible! The first one I ordered fits a mk2 Ibiza/vw group models. Second time lucky I struck gold. Birth header 8189. I just need to get a new cap as the old one looks terrible against the new tank! So there you are. Just need to collect it, get the tracking done then use it! Oh it's needs cleaning again too!!
  11. Latest round of work has been completed. Just needs Collecting. New cam belt kit, water pump, aux belt, front discs, pads, rear wheel cylinders, front wheel bearing, new brake fluid, new gearbox oil, new header tank, new anti freeze. Track rod ends and front legs.
  12. Depends on how much needs doing to it. Put some photos up on here. ( under the bonnet too! Make sure you get the header tank in!) photos are good for reference for others too! List what needs doing to it. There's not a lot of value in these cars.
  13. Need a cam belt and front wheel bearings for it now! Local motor factors can't supply either! Got a cam belt kit off eBay but apparently is incorrect! Anybody know the width and teeth dimensions? eBay listings state 19mm and 120 teeth. Unless they sent me the wrong one!
  14. Completed 18miles in it now! Soon to go back in for it's next phase of maintenance. The clutch pedal is right near the top but it doesn't appear to slip. I've just got a new old stock genuine clutch for £20! I pressed on into a roundabout and the front felt a tad soft so a new old stock genuine front leg has arrived £14.99. Also ordered a track control arm £11.50. The last drive I got upto 65mph! Then as I went to out it away it made an awful noise. I quickly got back in the garage and found that's the warm air feed from the manifold to the air box had fallen onto the alternator belt and got a bit chewed up. Needed a new pipe Anyway!