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  1. Either the fan or the turbo is my guess.
  2. Happy days mate, glad to be of assistance
  3. That is typical mate.
  4. Totally agree mate, turns some heads as well. You'll be over the moon when you put the tint on, that completely changes the back end as well, makes her look aggressive. Even done properly, it only takes about 30mins, nice little sunny Sunday evening with a beer job 👍🏻
  5. Yeah that't exactly what I've done white everywhere as well as the interior bulbs and rear number plate lights. Nothing worse than yellow lights!
  6. It might be Carista you're referring to? You need to buy an adapter which goes in the diagnostics port. You can remove fault lights and customize your car (depending on available options).
  7. Aye they look spot on like. Well worth a purchase for the price as well! Cheers pal.
  8. Looking nice mate, what 501's are they?!
  9. Just a quick one for you guys. I was looking online recently for some K&N stickers for my engine bay for an upcoming car show but had no luck anywhere. I thought i'd try my luck and email K&N directly asking for a choice of stickers. I got an immediate reply asking for my address so they can post a selection of sticker sheets free of charge. I thought this was a fantastic gesture.
  10. I'm an avid car cleaner, the missus says I do it too much but there's nothing better than spending an hour or two on a summer's evening just as the sun is setting, washing and waxing the motor. This said, there are other times when I simply can't be bothered, hence the reason I have bought Williams Waterless Wash & Wax. After reading multiple reviews, people seem to have been blown away at how easy it is to use to get such a good result. Quick one, any body used it and how good are these results?
  11. It completely depends on how you've kept the paintwork. If the paint has faded, you will probably have an silhouette of Ecomotive.
  12. My 1.2TSI FR is exactly the same. On a motorways I can get about 45-50mpg but from door to door (I've got a heavy foot) i average about 30-35mpg. My range drops by about 10 miles every 2-3 miles or so once it's below 200 miles.
  13. headlights

    I'd just get it dried out and reseal it all.
  14. Haha! Cracking result mate, looks spot on
  15. You've hit the nail on the head there mate. I think the ride isn't TOO stiff but it reminds me to look after my suspension and tyres because I know I need to slow down/ avoid potholes or bumps. When you're on an open B road with a decent surface though, the stiffness couldn't be better, it massively helps with grip and I feel in complete control over the car, go-kart like handling.