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  1. Decided the 1.0 isn't for me so it's either the new 1.4 eco TSI. Leon or wait for the 1.5 TSI Ibiza Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ^^ APC and a hog hair brush to get into the small area.
  3. Two full bags of detailing equipment in my boot including two buckets with grit guards, a pressure washer in the garage. Wash the worst of the dirt it off, snow foam it. Leave for 5 mins, clean wheels whilst waiting. One bucket with shampoo for bodywork, one for wheels. Spray snow foam off, go over car lightly with a microfibre mitt using the shampoo, rinse off, clear equipment away, grab aqua deluxe drying towel and dry car. Dress tyres. That's my weekly routine. Every 3 months or so I go over with a clay bar and tar remover then wax/ seal the bodywork, deep clean the wheels using iron out and then wax them too. Never get anyone else to do your car, unless they are a premium detailing company (i.e does all the above steps and a very high quality finish, probably set you back £70-300 depending on level of detail).
  4. cleaned the ibeasta [emoji6] glossy glossy [emoji39]
  5. washed the Ibiza [emoji48] took a picture. First one after I Washed de contaminated machine polished and waxed last week. Have to say I'm impressed.
  6. guide

    I have 2X front sidelights LED, 2x front fogs LED, Number plate bulb LED. No warnings just get canbus or best tip don't bother with the cheap no brand crap!
  7. Gloss gloss gloss!
  8. I got 100% tints on back 3 windows. Looks great! as for the Ibiza badge. Pretty sure as it's so new just get a credit card or a flat screw driver and put a bit of cloth around it to stop any scratches and just try and slide it underneath slowly it should take it off easily. Failing this heat the letters with a heat gun or hairdryer to loosen the adhesive. When it's off go over the area with a contaminate/ tar remover like autofinesse oblitarate to remove any residue then give it a little polish and wax
  9. Haha I've heard good about it but I have a life supply of auto-finesse lol [emoji23] love their products. And your right I'm not a fan of the new gloss black alloys just don't look right in my opinion. On photos at least
  10. I got mine done at somewhere called "mij performance" they're based in Birmingham (Walsall) they done a good job and quite cheap
  11. Them wheels look mint, work well with the (very glossy) red
  12. Id say go for a Leon FR, Might be able to pick up one about 2 years old for £10 K. I've was keen on one when thinking about swapping to the Ibiza FR, last year. But couldn't afford the insurance on the Leon FR models (bigger car, high insurance group) Think my mind is set on either the FN2 type R or the Leon FR. Leon FR in good spec etc is a bit too much though for me. So probably the civic. Can get a 2009/2011 one with less than 30k for £8,000
  13. I haven't done anything as such. But I have plans for this Wednesday and Thursday for the great British summer prep: decontaminate the paint, machine polish, wax and seal. Take wheels off and deep clean and seal. Let go of the car recently due to lack of time. Still cleaned once a week but desperately needs a polish and wax! Never used a machine polisher but went safe and got a DA think it's a DAS16 V2 from polished bliss Bring it on!!
  14. Keep it clean. Especially inside give it a very good clean and shampoo once a month and clean any crumbs etc out weekly. Put a new air freshener in each month. Make sure when you cLean the car you get in all the door jambs/ boot hinges (remove the parcel shelf) / under the bonnet