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  1. Id say go for a Leon FR, Might be able to pick up one about 2 years old for £10 K. I've was keen on one when thinking about swapping to the Ibiza FR, last year. But couldn't afford the insurance on the Leon FR models (bigger car, high insurance group) Think my mind is set on either the FN2 type R or the Leon FR. Leon FR in good spec etc is a bit too much though for me. So probably the civic. Can get a 2009/2011 one with less than 30k for £8,000
  2. I haven't done anything as such. But I have plans for this Wednesday and Thursday for the great British summer prep: decontaminate the paint, machine polish, wax and seal. Take wheels off and deep clean and seal. Let go of the car recently due to lack of time. Still cleaned once a week but desperately needs a polish and wax! Never used a machine polisher but went safe and got a DA think it's a DAS16 V2 from polished bliss Bring it on!!
  3. Keep it clean. Especially inside give it a very good clean and shampoo once a month and clean any crumbs etc out weekly. Put a new air freshener in each month. Make sure when you cLean the car you get in all the door jambs/ boot hinges (remove the parcel shelf) / under the bonnet
  4. Nice one. Mine was £155 so pretty much same prices
  5. But what about wiring for the extra pocket bit? Can you get an adapter like with the switch panel ?
  6. That. Looks. Amazing. If I was going to keep my SC much longer I would be tempted to copy you. Truly amazing back to front top to wheels. Nice work.
  7. They're really hard to find. It took me ages to find the one I needed. So I can't help really but I'll try and look
  8. Hi thinking of upgrade to a MK2 Leon Cupra in the near future, any problems etc I need to look out for does anyone know? thanks. I will be looking at low mileage only (30-50k).
  9. Oh trust me, it's getting disputed. I'm not just going to pay when at the end of the day they've not done there job properly. I'll see what there next move is before I make mine. I got a fine for parking at a park and ride in oxford (council owned) I HAD paid the £2 which might be the difference, and I sent them in writing I will not pay the fine of £100 and you can check CCTV I paid the ticket at the machine. Anyway I heard nothing back not even a sorry. Something tells me they try it on then are too lazy to take any action
  10. At least try to dispute the fine man. Never just pay it. Write a letter saying you won't pay and see what happens. 90% of the time they won't even reply.
  11. Hahahah looks cool xD
  12. There's a waterless wash and wax by Williams (F1 team) I haven't used it and I stay away from waterless as i am not convinced however it's gets great reviews and I know someone who uses it and brings his vehicle up nicely.
  13. Do we know how much this is going to be in FR trim? I really need it [emoji23]
  14. All very true [emoji16] I cook in a restaurant kitchen; people who send their meal back after they've eaten nearly all of it saying something is wrong with it [emoji867] People who bring dogs into a restaurant People who are late for their bookings (by more than 20 mins) People who complain they've been waiting too long when they can clearly see the tables are all full. Lots lots lots more.
  15. Bunch of twat in there mate