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  1. So my car is pretty rare in Lebanon, so parts are pretty limited. My ABS light has been on for a year now and I finally decided to fix it. After trying 6 pumps. non of them worked. So I decided to crack open my ABS control module and see what was causing the trouble. I used a saw and a screw driver to crack the module open. I opened up to see that the solder joints of the pump were simply broken. I re-soldered them and re-flowed the soldered parts all over the board and no more ABS light and it works great! Good luck, I hope I helped you save a few green papers
  2. You could stick a Golf MK4 2.0 engine in it with a 1.6 manifold so that it'll fit fit the bay. You can make it run with the stock seimens ECU. You can also fit 2.0 Injectors, but you have modify your vacuum lines. I have that setup with a 4Bar FPR, it runs like a dream, and I have so much torque. I get 175nm of torque @ 2400RPM
  3. Did not fit, tried both MK3 and MK4 Golf Gaiters. I found a guy who's getting me a Cupra one from Sweden though
  4. Heat is your friend. Use a heat-gun or a hairdryer to melt the glue and just peal off.
  5. So my question is that Will a VW Golf MK4 Gear Gaiter fit a 6K2 Ibiza MK3? My 1.6SR 6K2 has a broken gear gaiter from the previous owner and I'm having a hard time to find a replacement one in my country (Lebanon) I saw a DIY guide on how to convert a VW Golf MK3 gaiter into an MK4 and it looked like gaiter in the 6K2 (Picture Below) (Pictures are not mine. They are borrowed from [url=http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2871332-DIY-MKIV-Shift-Boot-Retrofit-(Retain-Trim-Ring)-*Cabrio-MKIII-Golf-Jetta*&highlight=MkIV]here[/url] Thank you in advanced!
  6. MK3 Golf *Update* The rear bench mounting points are different. Polo 6N Polo 6N2 Ibiza MK2 Cordoba MK2 Cordoba MK3 To find them, check this group on Facebook that's full of breaking Cupras! - Linky Link Link Mine also broke. Looking to fit Golf MK3 Recaros soon Cheers mate!