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  1. i have a 2013 Toca 1.4 i thought the mirrors were locked into position (i didnt think i could fold them manually)?
  2. getting a bit despo for sponsorship now. if anyone is happy to spnsor me i would be grateful. https://www.justgiving.com/John-Cusick1
  3. I had some reversing sensors fitted today. and the installer pointed out to me a crack either side of the boot area. its possibl this may be caused by the prang i had about a month ago. is this structural? thanks
  4. Hi all. long story short SEAT/VW have been absolutely wonderful in assisting with the insurance and getting my car sorted. (my insurance company have been pretty incompetent) Took the car this morning to C+P Panel Craft. I have asked for the damaged wheel back so i can have as a spare. (16" alloy that came with the Toca version) but i was shocked about the hire car assigned to me. from my £7000 ibiza to a £30,000 4x4. im so nervous about using it. I may ask Europcar for a more normal car. Big thanks to VW/Seats Ensurance. fantastic service.
  5. going around a corner an oncoming van went onto my side and swiped the driver side of my car. so very gutted. only had it for a month and a bit. Insurance said when all confirmed the car will be fixed by Assistant Accident Repair Ltd (orpington branch id guess being the nearest) but the reviews for them are terrible. so im really worried now about the work being shoddy and time it may take. any words of comfort? im in Dartford area. thanks model: Toca 2013 not all in pic. but all damage is as follows all on driver side- smashed mirror, scuffed front alloy wheel, dented/scuffed from wheel arch, scuffed door, rear scuffed wheel arch and panel
  6. pretty sure they mean what app did you use to make the effect
  7. ebay i found them and will get payday. a set are £20 makes the font on the number plates a bit more 3D/Embosed
  8. i ended up taking it to seat, they said it has snapped so have ordered another clip and will sort it when they have it in
  9. here is a close up of the clip. i cannot work out how its meant to attach. there is a hole above. is it broken or just come out?
  10. had this car for a few weeks. have another niggle now i noticed today. the corner trim is loose. i looked in between and looks like a clip is broken. i havent messed with the trim. should the dealership sort this? its a 2013 Toca left hand side is fine
  11. dealer service center couldnt find any thing wrong said it sounded normal. the noise bugs me though. can others record their engines please. 1.4 16V ones. or the alternator area of all types please. i said i never heard the noise on the 07 sport i had but he said its a better engine on the 2013 i have and quieter so i hear more things now (i thought it was the same 1.4 engine)
  12. sorry i posted elsewhere too as need an answer asap. i have notice my headlights dim unless im accelerating. and i notice this noise the other day(on youtube link) could this be an alternator issue. I got the car from seat about 3 weeks ago. it only has 20,000 miles on the clock. thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rPDoi_5SJg
  13. actually to add.. i notice the headlights are dimmer unless i accelerate. is this maybe to do with the belt/alternator?