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  1. Hi is there anybody who has vagcom and can read the fault on my car and turn it off, I think it's only because of more airflow due to new cone filter. I'm in Essex if anybody is local and there's a drink in it for you. Much appreciated
  2. I'm losing coolant from the overflow on coolant bottle, it didn't do this with the old cap but does with the new cap. With the old cap I could constantly smell hot coolant but don't with the new cap. What can this be??? I've squeezed water hoses and bled the system, the car does feel quite hot but temp gauge is in middle. Posted video. VID_20170805_121306.3gp
  3. Hi I've been having to top my coolant up fairly regularly but there is no signs of water leaks, could it be a faulty coolant cap? The car has twice crept above 90 degrees when stationery but I cooled it down and was fine e afterwards. It's had a new waterpump. I did notice a while back when it was colder there was a bit of steam coming out now and again from near passenger headlight but couldn't find a leak. I need help with this and quick please. Thanks
  4. The last couple of cold mornings the car has had slight misfire on initial startup but once revs drop down the misfiring stops, any ideas?? Cheers
  5. I have started my 1.8t fr the last two mornings and its had a bit of misfire but then the revs drop down and its fine, does anybody know what this is please? Thanks
  6. Hi when I unlock my Ibiza the passenger door doesn't open from the outside, is this something yo do with the door module or do I have to push the unlock button twice? It sounds like it unlocks.
  7. Thanks for reply, the cambelt got changed at 23k and now has 43k so how long do they go until changing again, it got changed in 2011 so I guess its pretty important to get changed straight away?
  8. Hi Ive just bought a lovely standard ibiza 2006 1.8t fr with 42k, Im after some advice about what I can do to make sure it stays nice and cool and any advice when to get the cambelt and water pump done, it was changed at 20k and car now has 42k. Also I will eventually get it tuned by amd or revo to stage 1 but is there any other bits I definitely need to add before doing that? Any advice would be greatful. Cheers.