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  1. Yeahh i had mine in awhile! I want to hard wire it, so everytime i turn my car on it should be on or off using the remote rather than the big red button 😂
  2. Where do you even start removing all the panels to access the cigarette power and how did you power it
  3. I got that number plate didnt i! It just need to be more fun 🤔 gave her a wash
  4. I have a toca myself 5door one, for the mods ive done here: I tried replicatig those FR bumper black its not as good though, also black the front grills, alloys to gloss black and red brake calipers another look is just lower bumper lip black These all goes well as my car is red, im not sure if black would on go on grey! Lastly get the FR lights in here, they make so much difference and i do have a mid sport back box exhaust
  5. Yeah gonna get my brake fluid done this friday and damn man! £945 a lot of money but it will look sickk! Only thing i dont have is side skirts
  6. Didn't know the brake fluid is the same as MOT -.- god sake
  7. First MOT done today to SEAT DEALER guys need opinion, should i get a personalised number plate or get remap from 85 to 100 bhp with flat spot remove. Need your guys opinion which one to do
  8. First MOT pass 😏 SEAT DEALER
  9. Yeahh dude sucks i have 1.4NA but its my first car cant really complain! I just want more fun with it and ohh yeahh will you go ahead?
  10. 30bhp on 1.4 NA is impossible and i do ah exhaust well back box change
  11. Thinking of adding K&N induction kit, would it be worth it? And also does remap worth it? To get that tiny little squeeze
  12. Did a quick little photoshop to miniture version of my car 😂
  13. How did you wire this up? And where did you buy these?
  14. Where did you get all the parts? Bumper wise? Cause i want an fr bumper on mine but the seat dealer says it wont fit on my car... i have the tocaa
  15. Hey guys, does anyone know how to hardwire a footwell lights, right now i have to plugged it to the lighter port to power it 12V