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  1. Just did a general drivers inspection. Noticed that my coolant tank is above the Min mark. is this unusual for a 66 Reg. 1.2 TSI FR? Don’t they say with newer cars, coolant top up shouldn’t really be required for a very long time. It is due for its first service soon, in November. What coolant do people put in their Ibiza 6J models? Do you need to use the official G13 VW coolant or can you use an alternative. I bought Comma GG40 coolant, and says it’s compatible with VW cars from 2012 upwards.
  2. All depends on your taste and how much you want done. Cosmetic ones are a good start. • Alloy wheels are a good start , easiest thing to change on the car. Once you find a set you like. • front Lights (if you want to change the bulbs to a brighter version) • car paint wrapping on the mirrors.
  3. That'll be nice once it's arrived. 😎. How long did they say it'll be ready from order, comes straight outta Barcelona. Was 16 Weeks for the Outgoing Ibiza. Did you get to test drive a demo example, at the SEAT dealership.
  4. Seems good, once Septembers arrived the new "67" plates will be out so you might be able to get a good deal on some "17" reg stock. I got the years free insurance on mine, but worth keeping an eye out to see what deals SEAT have. I was thinking about the Leon FR, but I have a similar issue and the fact I live within Leeds, puts car insurance higher.
  5. Hi Lewis glad to see your still about, are you still driving your white Ibiza. Or are you driving something completely different? Your BBS alloys are a good set , only thing Is I have no where to store them at the moment. It would be a different story In a few months, as I'm moving to a bigger home later on. So I could store these.
  6. Hi Katie, where did you get the wind deflectors from? They look like a good addition to the car. Was thinking of adding some to mine, a 5 door FR similar to yours.
  7. I did find this happen as well. You could use Apple Maps on iPhone or Google maps if you have an Android Phone. If you connect via the USB cable. it'll use the mobile data. Works as an alternative. The Maps will probably be different layout, to the standard sat nav one.
  8. I had a go today. Set it locally on a local Sunday drive in Leeds. From Home > my local Carwash/Valet > Halfords > Home when I got to the car wash/valeting, I did turn off the engine and was out the car for 15 minutes. I got back in and somehow lost my route plan to Halfords. 😨 Reset everything again. Drove to Halfords Parked up, was in for 30 minutes, got back in the car, I got the sat nav back up and screen said, destination "home" would you like to continue "yes or no" selected yes and it got the route back up to Home.
  9. Where abouts did you drive to get that Mpg. I'm guessing on a flat level country road, East of England, Lincolnshire. 😂 By the way that used to be my average MpG in my previous Ibiza diesel 1.2 TDI Ecomotive 😂 Averaged 61mpg
  10. Thanks for the response. I think this could be the solution but I'm not sure.🤔 Have the location for where you park for school set as a first way point. Then the location for work as a second way point. Seems to have stored your route from work via the school on the way home. So it should work the same way on the way out. I'll give it a test in my ibiza tomorrow and let you know, whether this works for multiple locations.
  11. Hi Cal_ife Do you have the inbuilt SEAT multimedia Sat Nav on the 65 to 17 reg ibiza's or the Garmin Portable one thats sits on top of the dashboard. Would be helpful to know?
  12. Hi Kacpero That does seem very odd. I do know Skoda Fabia VRS, which the Cupra shares most of its parts with had that issue of consuming a lot of oil in a short distance. And it was the 2012 and earlier Models that did this. Where did you purchase the car from? Was it a Local dealership, if so they should have a policy in place to give you a fix or refund on the car. Though check how long they've stated, and even for how many miles driven too, because you've done 3000 in a short time, though depends on the car sales dealership. Also did it have a recent service before purchasing too? As its had full service History, whats it had on the past, any major issues that have been fixed, they could re-occur. I had an old Peugeot 206 that had an oil leak fixed 2 years before on the service history, then the oil leak returned when i owned it.
  13. I tried to have a look out of curiosity, and noticed all the debadged grills are all for pre Facelift Ibiza's. As an alternative, you could try plastic dipping the grill black, if you want to hide the colour.
  14. Welcome to the forum, you're one of the first to order a new Ibiza. Hopefully it gets to you ordered and prepped by September too. (It'll also have the new 67 reg too)
  15. That's bizarre that it's not on your car. I was thinking it looks like the same stalk of the S Spec one you've shown. My old Ibiza was an S with A/C spec Facelift model however and had the button on the stalk to check MpG/fuel.