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  1. The I from my Ecomotive fell off my old Ibiza, noticed it after I bought it lol.
  2. Took the car further out Leeds to York and back today. Achieved 48mpg on the a single carriage road with a 50 limit then further along on a 60-70mph Dual carriageway. The roads the A64, just calm driving and probably overlook 3 times on my whole journey. I did spot a red Ibiza FR with a custom reg plate alongside me.
  3. Whey hey!!! Glad to see the pictures up and nice to see you've got the Red FR mats from ebay. As I say they look a treat and well worth the upgrade. Where did you get the ibiza FR door seals from? they really add to it, as well. Nice touch.
  4. I just screenshot the pic, this creates a new pic file then upload. It usually occurs for me on larger original picture file formats. Usually my screenshot pics are smaller file sizes , but it's a way of bypassing the error.
  5. Nice Work there, how did you install the ambient lighting under the footwell, thats very good work.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum. I can't fault, the ibiza FRs, depends what your mainly after for Petrol models. The 1.2 TSI FR is the better petrol engines for everyday usage, and been out for many years. The 1.4 ACT TSI FR is better for those that need a bit more power and its eco friendly as it shuts down 2 of the 4 cylinders on slow speed driving to save fuel. There are Diesel versions too 1.4 TDI in the later models. Also 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI in the slightly older models. Never known of many faults with the ibiza FR.
  7. Had a look at mine today out of curiousity, operating around 36.7mpg on the Leeds city runs over a 4 mile distance lol. Also low on the fuel , 80 mile range ⛽️. Will fuel up later, when I've used up a bit more.
  8. I get on average 36-42mpg. But do a lot of city runs around Leeds and West Yorkshire. The most I've got is 48mpg from a long motorway run at cruise control. Foot down on motorway it's 40-45mpg From a 1.2 TSI petrol.
  9. Welcome to the forum and that's one nice Ibiza too. 👌
  10. It seems we're all in the same boat. I'm saving up for a house too. Just sorted out my mortgage in place for a house I want to purchase. First ever House, so want this property to be my main priority. The Ibiza was affordable, compared to a bigger Leon, cost more to insure and own a Leon FR.
  11. My next car was a Green Seat Ibiza TDI ecomotive 62 Reg done 58,000 but for a diesel that's alright . Very good mileage, I did a 460 mile round trip didn't fuel up once. A favourite. I bought LED rear lights from the Ibizaoc store and upgraded the car from standard steel wheels to a set of new alloys I bought. All I had from it was one just the flat tyre during owning it. Sadly I had a car accident in Lancashire and this Green Beauty got Written off. The rear massively damaged in a Multi car pile up on the motorway and I was the sandwich. Unfortunately caused by the first car, halting on the beginning of the slip road. Causing everything behind to go from 70 to 0. I was car number 5 of 7. Luckily no major injuries for all parties including myself. First accident I've ever had, but lucky it wasn't bad. My insurance had to pay out for the car and even the non standard alloys too. After this I've switched to my current Alor Blue FR. After my insurance payout and a few savings, used for the deposit.
  12. My first car, was a Peugeot 206 1.4 GLX Auto. Cheap car to buy 52 reg. low mileage it had done 35,000 miles when I bought it. 39,000 when I sold it. I stuck a GLX badge on the rear. It had a sports mode button on which would turn the car into an animal. Had spent £600 on repairs over the year I owned it. Over the year it gained new front disk brakes , front suspension, ABS disk, CV joint, mid exhaust pipe. And had the throttle body pipe raised to stop the engine from stalling at idle . Rev was set slightly higher at 1500rpm on idle.😂 The exhaust fell off the car on the motorway slip road and drove back home with it rattling , I was 2 miles away from home on my own a rainy Saturday night in January. ☔️☔️😰😰 on the plus side sound quality from the 206 was very good. Changed the stereo to a Sony one, removed it, before selling off the car. I've sold the Sony stereo now too. Here it is in all its glory. IMG_0007.mov
  13. Finding a place for where to mount the phone holder isn't easy for the Ibiza. I had difficulty in my current and previous one. The phone mount I had was easy to mount in my first car a Peugeot 206 😂 Lol.
  14. Welcome to the forum and Apollo Blue and the Black Pack suits your FR very well 👌. Im sure the other forum members will help with Tinting and Debadging as it's been done on Ibiza's.
  15. Those are some nice rims they actually suit the Ibiza well, especially for summer, good idea keeping the other alloys for winter. Since last year I've swapped the Lima Green Ibiza for an Alor Blue FR.