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  1. Any info on the noise or sound it makes? If it's a hoover like sound, it could be the cooling fan, especially if you have a TDI diesel, might be doing a Regeneration cycle. If it's like small ticks or tings, it's probably just the car cooling down as normal.
  2. Thanks, I managed to reset the tyre system or store the current values. But will have a read through the Ibiza's manual to see if I'm missing a trick or two. The tyre warning hasn't appeared over the past few days at least.
  3. After replacing my tyre last week, after a puncture. I put a brand new budget replacement tyre on the front left, from a mobile tyre repair place. As a measure so I could drive back home. And now I got another tyre warning while driving on the M62. Manchester to Leeds. Pulled off at a petrol station half way in Huddersfield, no tyre was very low, but think it might be the new left front tyre as that was the one with lower psi than the others. Reset the counter after inflating it to the right levels. Error didn't come back rest of the journey. Is this Worth taking it to a SEAT dealership for a look. See if the Tyre pressure system is too sensitive or probably needs "wheel balancing" o anyone experienced this? On a seat or any other car for that matter. Let me know.
  4. Those are nice set of alloys, couldn't pick what was different lol. Are they 18's. How are you find the ride quality is it alright with larger alloys?
  5. Got a tear in my front tyre this evening,on the tyre wall, so could have been worse 😫😱😱 . Had to call recovery who called a local 24 hour tyre mobile repair service. Came out and replaced my damaged tyre with a brand new budget tyre. Had a 1 hour wait , on the plus side its been sunny today.
  6. Guessing black grill, looked like tinted rear lights too. Only from my guess lol.πŸ˜‚
  7. @JackHarmonFR That's a nice roof and front wrap. How much did it cost? I was thinking about having the front and mirrors done in a dark gunmetal silver.
  8. The one on the rear window , my friends were calling it pterodactyl Dinosaur poop on Snapchat. I don't know what sort of birds did this. Not even windscreen wash would clear it. πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦… spent tonight using bird lime remover, a bucket and warm water, its a nightmare to move off, most of its gone. Especially the big partsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll have to give it a proper good wash tomorrow evening.
  9. Got the car cleaned and waxed on Monday. And now by thursday I have a hoard of bird poo on my car 😫😫😫 so have been driving today with clean Alloys and poop on the body.
  10. Ive had this issue when I've swapped out the bulb for an LED variant. the LED bulbs are slighty bigger , I think it's the circuit board in them to make them canbus error free. I did this with the sidelights on my old Lima green Ibiza. Notice the bulbs were slightly out of the connector but worked.
  11. It can be done. It's very expensive, I've heard of someone doing this at a Seat Dealership and it was a very pricey job. Β£800 or so. Apparently swapping to the Xenons means you would have to modify if not gain a whole new bumper with washer lights installed, for it too work and the Xenons would need to have a cornering function enabled, when you turn the wheel, the lights turn too and that's just to be road legal.
  12. Those are some nice modifications. I think a modification of alloys would be good idea. 17 inch Gunmetal colour would suit the Satin Grey Roof and would be max for standard ride quality
  13. The toca is very similar to the Ibiza SE spec, but should come with as standard a 1.4 85bhp engine, The Seat Portable system, 16 inch Alloys.
  14. Good job. I did the same when I did my nextbase dashcam back in a cold rainy Feb. Ran it the exact same way through the top, down the weathering and under the passenger well.
  15. I'm sure the FR one does for the rear. I'm not sure on the front of a pre face lift.