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  1. Whats the offset on the XXR's? cheers
  2. So force basically will get them out. cant find any like my wifes that i can buy to fit. would like the headlight one swapping to as i think the ones in are awful
  3. Do these just pull out or does the whole unit have to come out ? Want to swap with these that are in my wifes ibiza Pictures are off google but my wifes are basically the above. Or if anyone else has any other suggestions as i think the ones in the top pic in mine look naff
  4. can borrow my dads machine polisher and check out the results. cheers
  5. The only reason i didnt use this 1st was i thought the g3 paint restorer would be a better product . will have a go with it next
  6. Got 2 scratches down the bonnet which i think have been made by a seagull standing on it. (work next to coast always around) About 3 inches long but not too deep. Tried g3 and expected a better result as its not done a brilliant job still noticeable to me but i then again have ocd. If anyone uses something else and recommends it i would appreciate the advice. cheers
  7. no worries glad to help @Ford160989
  8. No just wondered if you found out at all. Did a little google. is this the same thing looks to be in the same place? http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=370960
  9. have you found out ?
  10. I just topped mine my tyres up before long trip. On way down about 15-20 minutes travel, the warning came up like you i couldn't see any flat or anything got my pump out and pressures were all good. Think i read you need to reset the pressure warning button in the car to set the default pressuresensor so it knows what is normal and if it decreases from this to warn you. Cant remember where i read that or may have been reading the manual to reset it. Some one may know more but i did that and havent seen the warning again
  11. May just be the pics but the look bigger than 17 to the eye. Yer had 18's on my old golf and werent the best i will stick to 17s or maybe 16s at some point.
  12. are they not et 45 ? would like them to sit flush or near enough rather than the gap i currently have
  13. whats the specs ?
  14. Looking for some new alloys for the fr and want to know what offset I should be looking for. What's the max that will keep me under arches ? Cheers mkv
  15. cheers all sorted now dont know how i knocked it on as i havent been in the settings recently ! cheers matee