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  1. I just topped mine my tyres up before long trip. On way down about 15-20 minutes travel, the warning came up like you i couldn't see any flat or anything got my pump out and pressures were all good. Think i read you need to reset the pressure warning button in the car to set the default pressuresensor so it knows what is normal and if it decreases from this to warn you. Cant remember where i read that or may have been reading the manual to reset it. Some one may know more but i did that and havent seen the warning again
  2. May just be the pics but the look bigger than 17 to the eye. Yer had 18's on my old golf and werent the best i will stick to 17s or maybe 16s at some point.
  3. are they not et 45 ? would like them to sit flush or near enough rather than the gap i currently have
  4. whats the specs ?
  5. Looking for some new alloys for the fr and want to know what offset I should be looking for. What's the max that will keep me under arches ? Cheers mkv
  6. cheers all sorted now dont know how i knocked it on as i havent been in the settings recently ! cheers matee
  7. Hi Guys + gals, I dont know how but an annoying audio speed warning has started happening in my car. Now like everyone i dont speed at all. But on some roads im not even close to the speed limit and the voice comes on and says watch your speed. Say 30 in a 40 zone. Anyone know how to switch it off my commute to work is being ruined I have a 2015 fr with garmin sat nav. cheers dan
  8. was getting between 35 - 40 stop start into work but having changed jobs and more consistent speeds can get up to 50.Cruising motorway 70 - 80 high 40s to 50. mines 1.4fr ACT
  9. Still not got round to fitting this as no good weather to clean it before applying fingers crossed this weekend. Also need to bleed the brakes as after driving the mrs 1.2 fr there is a lot of travel and can hear the air. dammit
  10. On the subject of dash cams , Just fitted my old dash cam after having the car over a year and a half. took the glovebox out and a pillar cover to hide the wire. Ended up with airbag light not switching off as its connected to the glovebox. Carista has cleared it now was a bit worried but after nearly having a side impact two days ago glad to have mine back in !!
  11. yer i have one and just unclip and give it a shake everynow and then. defo recommend getting one
  12. I know what you mean my lab is about 38 kilos and why put my back out when he can easily jump in. it tends to be when he is getting out he slides down the bumper getting in i can drag the boot liner over the bumper but he cant wait when getting out. I know i have black and grey theme and wouldnt look too bad i suppose..
  13. Gone with the amazon one coz im a tight ar*e will let you know how i get on. Should be here this weekend
  14. liking the apollo blue. fitted my wind deflectors in seconds heko set off ebay. i have five door but the fronts just fit in the door frame without any clips or glue presume the fronts are the same.
  15. Which forum ? :S cool thinking of the clear one now as suggested below to make it appear nothing is there. but thanks for the quick reply. could paint protection film be bought or does it have to be fitted by someone?