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  1. Does anyone have any information on the Porsche Cayenne rear 4 pot upgrade? I asked on the Facebook group but had no luck yet. Cheers
  2. I'm looking at getting 3 additional gauges (already have boost). I'm after water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure. Has anyone fitted these before and know where i should be attaching the sensors? Cheers
  3. I think your best option would be to fabricate one yourself mate! I haven't come across any others that would fit.
  4. Not meaning to sound like a dick, but is that just the vvt you can hear?
  5. Guys I test fitted one golf gti 18" wheel. They fit but it's tight, was wondering if anyone else is running them and come into any difficulties or if the rub/catch on the arch. Cheers.
  6. What size filter did you use on the SAI?
  7. Fair enough mate, did you blank off the atmospheric part?
  8. I got my airtec intercooler with all the pipes from ND Tuning, I got about 100 quid off because I rang up and asked him to give me a better price! Top bloke he was as well haha.
  9. Ah. Unfortunately you have the forge Split R. This is half recirculation and half atmospheric. So it will probably throw a code and send the engine into limp mode because the MAF is before where the recirculation goes back in. So the ECU is assuming that a certain amount out air will be returned from the valve back into the intake. If you have an atmosphere valve, the air won't return and you will have issues, it can be mapped out but that would be a hassle to do. Sorry, but you're better of sending that one back and buying the Forge 008 recirculation valve. :/
  10. I have one, was the easiest thing to do mate. As long as you have some plyers or mole grips or proper constant tension plyers it will take you about 10 minutesthis is how it should look once the standard one is out. Be careful pulling off the vacuum line from the top, the plastic can snap.once it's done it should look like this.
  11. As I'm getting my car stage 2 mapped, one of the requirements was a 4 bar fuel pressure regulator (standard is 3 bar). I decided to go for a 4.5 bar because racecar. Anyway just thought I'd do a little guide for anyone prepping for stage 2. Make sure the car hasn't been running for at least 20 minutes so that the pressure has been reduced through the system. There is a little clip holding the FPR in place which you need to pull out. I used a flat head screwdriver to pry it out, but you can pull it by hand. Once that is out you need to remove the vacuum line running to the fpr. It's held in place by a one time clamp which you need to cut or pull off (you'll need a new clamp to replace it). The hose will then slid off easily and you can move it out the way. I would recommend wearing gloves and putting some kitchen roll around the fpr as you may spill a bit of petrol when you pull it out. To remove it, gently pull and twist and it should pop out. Before putting your new 4 bar fpr back in, use a bit of lube (wd40 will do) around the rubber seals. Then squash the replacement in and push the holding clip back in place. Then reconnect the vacuum hose with a new clamp. I then primed the fuel pump a few times by putting the ignition on before then starting it and letting it idol for a minute or two to check it was running okay.
  12. I got one off eBay. I went for a digital display though. Most people go for a mechanical gauge. At first I was going to follow the bonnet pull line, but I had difficulty getting the wires through, so on the passenger side there is a grommet that isn't used. I went through that and it comes out behind the glove box. Once through there, feed it along the back of the dash and up behind the steering wheel to the fuses (pop the plastic side panel off to get better access). I found a fuse that went live when the ignition is on using a multimeter, and then spliced the wires in. It's an unconventional method but fairly simple to do, and you can hide all the wires/vacuum lines.
  13. Brilliant, cheers mate!
  14. Hello, I am looking to get my 1.8t fr a stage 2 map soon, but I want to upgrade the spark plugs first. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  15. Mine runs at 12psi peak as standard, I am looking to get mine at stage 2. I'd imagine stage 1 would probably peak around 15psi tops, so you shouldn't need to change the spring.