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  1. I've seen this video before. It looks like Dectane but it's not. If you look carefully, it is a retrofit of the standard headlight. They installed projectors instead of reflectors and custom LED DRLs. That's why the turn signal is still on the up right position when the Dectane one is on the left side of the headlight. It must have been a lot of work! Pretty cool though!
  2. I have a 2016 Ibiza FR 1.0 EcoTSI 110HP so I guess that it will be supported. Thanks for your reply. It would be great if you had time to post some screenshots of the costumisations you have available in the app!
  3. I' ve been thinking of ordering the official OBD2 dongle from Amazon but it cost a lot for me. Are you using the carista dongle or a generic one (and if yes, which one???)? Also, is there an option for having the DRL LEDs on all the time even with the beams on?
  4. I'm trying to find a way to do the exact opposite, having them on all the time even with the beams on! Still no luck...
  5. danyaero I'm also very intrested in this. I have a Ibiza FR 2016 and everyday I don't want the day to end and switch to beam lights!
  6. Are you sure that it is not caused by the start/stop system? When you stop the car and the start/stop system is activated the cooling fan still works but it doesn't cool the air. When you start the engine again, after a few seconds cold air is drawing in again.
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