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  1. I love my CC as every weekend I do a lot of M-way driving about 140 miles then and back to Derby to see my other half and I save so much fuel and like someone said on here its more money in my pocket, as soon as I get on the slip road I set my CC to 60-65 mph. Yeah I get to places slower then before but hay I get to actually see curtain places, thankfully my CC came as standard, even if it didn't that would have been the first thing I would have brought
  2. Hey Ryan, If you could attach some pics of what you mean I might be able to help. Without any photos it will be a bit hard to help Wrighty
  3. I have a 2009 Ibiza SE and I just did know if it worked for the SE as well as the FR?
  4. Does this just happen on the MK 5 FR or the on normal Ibiza?
  5. If you can smell any fuel whilst in the car it might be either the fuel filter or cabin filter so a good idea would to get check them out and maybe replace them
  6. Just out of question, but why do you want to turn the DRL's off, is there something abut them that you don't like?
  7. Just out of question, but why do you want to turn the DRL's off, is there something abut them that you don't like?
  8. @c3ptik where is the discount code for ABD as I can't find it anywhere
  9. Would the fr front bumper for pre facelift fit as well ?
  10. Hey, I know its late and that you may already have a new set of alloys but have a look on Rimstyle
  11. Hey guys, I have a question for you, when washing the car and you go to wash the inside of the door near the hinge what is the best thing to use to get them clean, as that is the only part of the car that I can not get clean and its so annoying, as everyone who gets in my car tell me straight away about it?? thanks
  12. Hey dude welcome to the OC
  13. Hey guys, Just a quick question, I have a 1.4 se Ibiza 6j and I was looking at upgrading the front and rear bumper but I didn't know if the r or cupra bumpers front and rear would fit on the pre-facelift thanks for any replys
  14. Hi guys, I just got a double din head unit and I have been all over the place to get a facia plate as well as a quardlock and patch cable to keep my steering wheel controls, can you give me the best place to go to them all thanks
  15. Put a pic and let a peek