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  1. Looking to replace every speaker in the car (2x tweeters, 2x front doors, 2 rears, and add a sub) due to both the tweeter's being blown ('crackly' at high volumes (Don't know correct term)) and fairly sure on in the rear has gone too. Looking to get an underseat subwoofer as well, need the boot space so don't really want a boot based sub. Looking more for quality over volume, but still wouldn't mind the option to blast it with a bit of bass every now and then 😂. Was looking at pioneer, as I am familiar with the name but, if there is something better I am open to options. Also will I need an amp? Price wise I am looking maybe £150 on the sub and then maybe £200 for everything else (not sure if this is enough but for the research I have done seems reasonable, if I need to put a bit more into to it then it shouldn't be an issue as long as it isn't a stupid amount more.
  2. Thanks, few jobs to do still but getting there for sure!
  3. Hi Here is a quick breakdown of me and my car, my name is Connor, proud owner of a 1.4 Ibiza 6j. I am an aspiring photographer and I love driving, currently trying to grow my Instagram page which you can check out here: (shameless plug) I post daily and love any feedback you have I am hoping to keep a log of my future mods. I have added below some pictures I have featured on my page if you didn't fancy clicking the link:
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