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  1. Lol who drives like miss daisy? I must admit I have been lately just enjoying the weather, cruising being overtaken by pensioners in ford ka's and the like haha
  2. Yeah I'd say fan, I've been noticing mine do it quite alot recently as it's been getting quite warm where I am and I've been driving like a nutter. Need to get on top of my time keeping.
  3. I liked this and thought.. I'll try that and guess what, I had an email today confirming I have a selection of stickers on there way to me through the post. It'll be nice new addition. Thanks for the info @DavidStarkey11
  4. I'll have a look into these guys. I know there was a fair few companies looking at developing maps for the 1.2 tsi fr and ended up scrapping the idea because bad things had happened so was 50/50 wether to do it or not. I'll see what they say though.
  5. I agree but I think it's because I've lowered the coilovers by about 35mm roughly so arch looks more filled. I'm much happier with the overall drive now I've got the smaller wheel, no rubbing on full lock either.
  6. My new alloys that you saw on my post are et35 and they sit perfectly on the car, sit in the arch nicely so they are inline with the body work and don't stick out and aren't sat in the arch too much either. I can then adjust the coilovers to close the arch gap but I'm happy with how they are for now.
  7. They are fox racing fx004 alloys finished in gloss black with chrome seat centres. They are 17"x7.5j all round and running on autogrip p308's on 205/40/r17 tyres. Compared to my old ATS planet that's were 18x8.5j all round these are far better, a lighter alloy feel better on the handling and suit the car far more.
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  12. I know it's been shown already but I got myself a few decent pics of my car with the new wheels on. However been doing some driving over the weekend down alot of b roads so quite abit of dust on them and car needs a good clean but got some decent photos.
  13. I personally haven't had mine mapped. It's in the list of plans but heard some horror stories too. I'll keep getting her the way I want her too look and then consider a map once all is complete.
  14. Welcome to the club. Nice to see another new member on the forum. Well don't forget to pop yourself a performance filter into the car maybe go for the forge induction kit too, I've been contemplating the induction kit but got so many ideas of what to do I can't make my mind up what to do other than get the car looking how I want before starting on performance mods. Also get yourself a nice custom exhaust system. Great sounds to go with the great looks. Pop some photos up of your car too.
  15. Stick with et35, I'm sure that's what the standard alloys are...