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  1. Completely agree with @SteveeMacz do with what he said as above then can think about exhausts, induction kit, oem spoiler etc. Best thing to do have a good look at the members cars as there are some very nice examples on here. Oh and welcome to the forum
  2. Nice I was looking at monsoon grey but then I fell in love with Lima green so ended up with that. Cool, like to hear your already planning things before you've got the car. Will look forward to seeing pics etc once you've picked her up.
  3. Welcome along.. Good choice, can't go wrong with these little cars. Good motors. Fun to drive yet economical too.. What colour have you got??
  4. Thanks for the advice. That's something I may look into in the near future when I have some time off work. Like the idea of being able to just brush it on. Sounds like a pretty simple job to me. Just need a nice day and some time to kill.
  5. Well good luck with the sale and the purchase of your Ibiza. Any questions or queries, there's plenty of people on here that can help out.
  6. I'm sure you'll find some, have a look on Amazon people put honest reviews on there too. What did you use for the calipers, saw some paint in halfords the other week that you brush on and aerosols too? Did you remove the calipers or leave them on and how long did it take for them to dry? Sorry for all the questions.
  7. There has been a few people on here do exactly the same thing. Moving house or buying there first so they buy an Ibiza. No one has regretted there decision yet. They are great cars to drive and reliable too.
  8. Thanks, I'll have a look for them now. They look great and I know yeah, looked into the tinted ones myself but feedback wasn't great. Wind deflectors are looking good too. Think that was my first addition to my car. Did you have your brake calipers painted or where they already done. Want mine doing in red too.
  9. I love the look of the silver bulbs, amazing how much of a difference they make. Where did you get the bulbs from? As for side repeaters you should be able to remove the amber bit from inside if you pry them apart carefully.
  10. Welcome to the forum. That's some downsize .. These ibiza are great little cars though however I own the FR model so can't say much about the cupra other than the fact they are quick.
  11. Nice, I'll look forward to seeing the difference if you get some pics of them. Will look forward to knowing I can get myself some decent ones too. Then it'll be time to de amber the car. As for MOT I can't see them being an issue, as long as they work it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Yeah definitely, I've looked at alot but then some people say that they aren't very bright and can't really be seen when the headlights are on. I really only want them so there's no orange but obviously being safe at same time.
  13. Love it!! Looking good. I've got to get some chrome indicator bulbs to get rid of the orange too. Just haven't known what to get.
  14. Thanks, I was much happier once I got all the bulbs changed to white, especially the fog lights. Had to be done for the exact reason you just mentioned. As having yellowy lights when cornering didn't look great. Just need to jack the car up and remove parts of the undertray and remove old bulbs the insert new ones. The drivers side one can be accessed through the wheel arch if you remove the liner. However drivers side has the washer bottle in the way. So best job for small hands haha.
  15. If you want some good LED sidelights I'll give you a link to the ones I bought off eBay there amazing. Have lasted a long time too and still going strong.