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  1. Also thought about doing this myself as i have quite a big dog myself and to avoid the scratches on the bumper I've been lifting him in/out of the boot. It doesn't do my back too good. I wasn't too fussed about having the black as I've got quite a black theme going on with my car as it contrasts the green so well. May look into this myself.
  2. I have the 1.2 tsi fr and believe me it's very surprising when you realise it's a 1.2 because it certainly doesn't behave like one. The engine is so responsive and it can move when you want it too.
  3. I had a run from Stoke to Sheffield the other week and I achieved around the same figures and last week went Stoke to Bolton and got the same figures again. Today driving around Stoke i achieved 40.8mpg most I've got whilst driving round town.
  4. I'm glad to see how well these decals look. I've got these exact decals on my watch list on eBay. Is that where you purchased yours from? There around £22 including postage? Nice looking car
  5. Filters alone wether an induction kit or filter dont really add much in the way of performance gains. Unless you have further performance mods like exhaust system etc then add an induction kit/cold air feed pipework etc then you start getting gains. You still don't see massive improvements but the way it works is, the better than air feed into the car with bigger, less restrictive pipework and filters and bigger bore exhaust is less restrictive. So more air in bigger bangs in the combustion chambers and more gases out of the less restrictive exhaust = more power.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum Unfortunately i can't point you in the right direction as to what to look out for. However i can say go for it you definitely won't be disappointed. I speak for myself and other people on here. We all love driving our cars because there so fun to drive and they look great too. I'm sure someone will be along to help you out with info on what to look out for.
  7. Thats not bad, 36.7mpg around town even if it was only over a 4 mile distance. I should of just checked mine, I've just got home. The route home today involved the b roads, my foot was abit heavier today as I've filled the fuel this afternoon so thought why not use some.
  8. Well likewise mine is also a 1.2tsi with a manual gearbox. I already have a metal mesh filter and a custom exhaust so looks like I'm good to go.. I was quoted that the figures would reach to around 130-135 bhp. Which for a 1.2 is amazing considering how well it performs from the factory. I do drive down alot of b roads and I'm not afraid to overtake people if i have too especially the odd tractor here and there lol. If you can get some video shots of the car driving that'll be great. Thanks for the info
  9. How have you found the remap? This is something I've been considering as i also have a 1.2 tsi. I have had mixed feedback about mapping a 1.2 tsi. I mean the car is fun to drive as it is but i want that little more grunt from the car.
  10. Completely agree with SiobhaaanIbiza10 as above for parts. There are tons more websites for companies that you can buy external styling parts for your car. As for sound you can go down the route of fitting a performance filter and get a custom exhaust made up. Now I've got a custom exhaust and a filter on my car and it still runs sufficient enough averaging between say 32-38 mpg around town and 48-51 mpg on motorways. You can choose how you want the car to sound and it's a good route to go down.
  11. That's good to see on average were getting roughly the same figure as an average for city runs etc. I had a run up to Sheffield a few weeks ago and my mpg stuck around 38 mpg round Sheffield and 48 on the way back down the m1. Then increased on my run to Bolton and back. I'm really happy with how the car isn't thirsty for fuel.
  12. It really was a classic first car haha.. but it covered around around 800 miles a week and it never missed a beat. The mg was a real head turner. Was noisy as hell but made all the right noises.. that's where my green thing started. The picture doesn't do it any justice but all brake callipers were green and the alloys were purple.
  13. Thought I'd add my car history as seen as we're on it. Here's my first car Then swiftly moved on from that after a couple of months to this Hyundai coupe Now this was a really decent car, had a fair few mods but couldn't get used to the Japanese style of everything being opposite eg indicators and wipers on opposite sides but was a fun car. Then again after a couple of years i moved on to this mg zr. This was even better than the coupe, loads of fun and it got the most mods out of all my cars. Was fast, loud, exhaust would pop bang and crackle. Then i blew the engine up and every gasket too, car was ruined.
  14. I'm just wondering what mpg figures everyone is getting on average in there car. Only because this week i had to go to Bolton from Stoke and reached my highest mpg reading since owning the car. I achieved 51.1 mpg on my way home from Bolton and then by the time i got back was on around 48 mpg.. around town I'm usually hitting anywhere from 32 - 38 mpg depending on how heavy my foot is on the day.
  15. Welcome to the club. You ask away, there's plenty of people to point you in the right direction. Get some pics up of your car too.