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  1. Absolutely brilliant, it's so good to know that this can be done and from reading your description doesn't actually sound that difficult to do even for me.. Appreciate the pictures and good job. Fair play to you.
  2. Sounds fantastic, brilliant news i might just look into this in the near future still got a few other bits i want to do first and a remap might be on the cards too. You should get some pics up and build a little guide for us idiots (me) that work better from pics.
  3. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice on this but, if you manage to do it you should build a thread on a how to guide as I'm very interested in doing this myself. I'm not the best with electrical work so a guide would be great. Good luck
  4. What a transformation.. done a good job getting it all of. Paintwork ain't looking that bad.. you sorted the arches out now as well?
  5. Oh definitely as he has just opened his first shop too as it was a working business from home. He's always more than happy for me to get orders in if interested in getting a quote, let me know and I'll pass on his details to you
  6. I do like the grey coloured ibizas but for me the green was just jumping out at me and when it's all clean and the sun shines the colour really pops.. Yet again I couldn't agree more sometimes I'll take a longer route to go somewhere just so i have an excuse to drive it more. You will definitely have to upload some pics, we all like to see other people's motors.
  7. Of course and good look with the house purchase hope that it pays off for you. I was the same didn't consider a seat as i was looking at getting a very sirrocco but then when i started to look a little more i was pushing towards seat and when i found this one i had to have it. I love everything about the car down to every little detail. Got to agree with that, all i seem to notice is ibizas everywhere i go.. But then there is alot of ltd edition corsa's everywhere too. They should call the standard corsa's ltd edition as they are as rare as hen's teeth.
  8. Fair play to ya. I tell you something though, these are cracking little cars.. i love the fact they've got some poke when you need it and can chuck them into corners etc.
  9. Welcome along. Glad your loving your car. You definitely made the right choice and wow what a change what made you go for the Ibiza out of interest from the bmw?
  10. IMG-20170312-073335.jpg

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  14. That's the sort of look I'm looking for, i prefer the white light rather than the yellow colour from standard bulbs. Thanks for the advice too. I'm going to have another go at changing the bulbs at some point going through the wheel arch liner. I'll update with pics if i get it done.
  15. What bulbs have you got in there, both sidelights and fogs. Don't know if you seen my post but looking for advice on how to change the fog bulbs can't seem to get access to them.