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  1. Have a look on ebay.
  2. Front 312mm brake set up can fit anything off the mk4 golf chassis. S3,TT,Mk4 Golf Calipers all fit the 312mm brake setup on the ibiza. You just need the full brake set up if you want to swap I believe. Rear bigger brakes I am not sure off
  3. I have a 1.2 TSI used to get 35 to work but now getting 45/50mpg as i stopped driving so hard. if i sit at 60 i can get around 50 but doing 70 reduces it alot. Not sure but heard a map will hellp me get high 40's when sitting at 70✌️
  4. When deicing the windscreen I always whack the air con on, air con helps with warm and cold air and clears my windscreen in max of 3 mins. Demisting tho is not a air con job.
  5. New cars braking systems are not too much different to the normal back in the day, they still work on a master cylinder and servo so if your pedal is sinking to the floor then one is either leaking or air is stuck. If you can pump the brakes while stationary, the pedal go hard and then you start the car and the pedal not sink then its the servo, if you can pump the pedal continuously and nothing happen then its possibly the master cylinder. Have a look at your brakes as well, check the nipples and make sure the pistons are pushing against the brakes.
  6. Hello there, Welcome to IOC! Every car has a rev limiter, alot of newer cars nowadays will just shut the engine off to prevent damage. The rev limiter is there to help you from blowing a piston out or blowing your gearbox up. Its a safety feature and is really handy. I wouldnt worry about your turbo/engine, aslong as your engine shut off then it was protecting them from blowing up and would not have done much if not anything, VAG would have put the rev limiter at a certain point so that you can not do any damage. Accidents happen but I would not worry about anything too much. Sam
  7. Thats called a kick down I believe. It when you floor it it downshifts the car to the next lowest gear
  8. Ill try and get one today
  9. Forge Motorsport are brilliant. I bought the Induction Kit, Blow off and Coolant Sillicone Hose Kit off them and they are all brilliant. The induction is brilliant, the blow off sounds amazing and the Coolant hose set is cool looking for the engine bay
  10. I do agree Illegal was wrongly stated but as you say its a grey area. Even some self levelling headlights don't make HIDs acceptable.
  11. Usually if a clutch slips the revs go up and the speed dont. Not sure if its the same with DSG
  12. Hi. Does anyone know how to remove the centere bit of the dash that surronds the stereo and centre heater vents? Is it screwed in or does it just pop off?
  13. Hello. What Brake upgardes can i do with my FSIII Brakes?
  14. Can you link me to this update please??
  15. I feel then nightbreakers are a lot clearer than HID's. HID's are also illegal and Osrams are not but like i said i feel they are clearer