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  1. Thank you Im from Croatia, and here's my showcase topic
  2. Thanks! not sure what you mean by grill pieces though.. as she originally has that honeycomb pieces on the front bumper. Still looks way more badass than previous version of the bumper without honeycomb. First thing i wanna do is yellow fog lights and a nice set of 5 spoke 16" wheels, like momo hyperstar or something like that. Editing post.. i just saw your cover photo and realized what you meant and since yours has older front bumper those honeycombs look pretty great, i think it would be too much honeycomb if i did the same though,,
  3. My Ibiza is Ribica, which means little fish in croatian... the "C" in Ribica and "Z" in Ibiza sound the same when pronounced
  4. Hi! Here's our little beauty . Had her for around 2 years now. Sportrider 2 last of the MK4, 2008 74kw 1.9TDi4
  5. Hello everyone! Im new here. Proud co-owner (its my husbands car and he has no interest in joining forum) of the last MK4 Ibiza 1.9TDi 74kw, 2008, rare in my country, havent seen any in the same color & same manufacture year since we had her. Anyways, glad to be here. Cheers!