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  1. Tried out a rack and box for size. Won't need to use them for another month or so but wanted to check the fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What alloys are those? They suit her well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Are those new wheels?
  4. Are those new wheels?
  5. Probably a slow week, I'm afraid. I'm new myself and have a petrol so I can't tell you anything about the diesel engines. Facelift was in 2012. A few people have fitted new head units with everything from Bluetooth to Apple Car Play. Some nice setups documented on here if you search through the threads. Try a main dealer for spares and/or put a post in the wanted section on here. The mirror switch is still flimsy in my 2017! I've seen questions on here about swapping stock bulbs for LED bulbs so again have a search through the threads.
  6. Hekos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. There's an app called SEAT DriveApp but it's only in the Spanish iOS store. Not sure about Android.
  8. I got just shy of 49mpg from my 1.2 TSI 110 on Saturday (5.8l/100km = 48.7mpg) on a 114 mile trip (183km), mostly motorway, doing just shy of 70mph (110kph) on cruise control for the motorway portion. Very impressed.
  9. Fitted a Nextbase 312GW dashcam. Ran the power cable along the headliner to the passenger side, used a trim tool to open the top of the pillar just enough to get the cable around to the door seal, ran it down the inside of the rubber door seal (surprising how much room there is in there), back out near the bottom of the glove box (there's a little groove where two pieces of trim meet), around the passenger foot well (cable tied along the bottom of the dash and hidden behing the carpet), and into the 12v socket. The only place the cable can be seen is where it comes out of the door seal and goes behind the glove box, but it's only a few cm, it's down low, and only visible when the door is open (it doesn't appear to get squeezed when the door is closed as it's kept it's shape so far).
  10. The watering can is a great idea!
  11. I'll let someone else snow foam the outside but I've always steered clear of mechanical car washes and petrol station jet washes, though, as they're rough on the paintwork and trim. I've always done the inside myself. Probably because my first car was a Citroen and if you were too rough with the dash then bits might fall off! When I got the Ibiza back in January, I took it to a local snow foam crowd every two to three weeks that I used for my previous car. They had a decent set-up: generator, pressure washers, snow foam, washing machines and dryers for cleaning their microfiber cloths. They were reasonable, too. The only problem was that the quality of the job depended on the guy you got on the day. They've moved now, anyway. I can't run a hose from my new house so last week I went to Halfords and picked up bits for a two bucket job: buckets, microfiber mitt, microfiber cloths, sponges, water blade, shampoo, alloy wheel cleaner, tyre gel. I need to look into waxing / polishing options next.
  12. I'm taking a punt on a Nordrive aluminium bar kit. A car parts and accessories site over here did a very good video review on them and, more importantly, have a discount on travel accessories at the moment. It's also pay day I won't need them all the time, so for the price I'll chance them and see how they work out.
  13. Car is brand new, registered at the start of January. 5 door. I think the correct Thule footpack is 754 and I was looking at the aluminium wingbar type of rack. Thanks.
  14. You could try the cup holder type that has a flexible arm. It might wobble a bit, though. There's also a base that goes in the cup holder and then you can use the suction holder of your choice on top of it. There are non-slip bean bag bases, too, that you just place on the dash but the dash is quite steep on the Ibiza unless you put it far away from you. I put my phone in the space next to the USB port and connect it via Carplay or Bluetooth to intentionally keep the phone out of reach but that's just me. The main reason I upgraded the media system to get Carplay was how awkward it is to find a decent phone mount solution. I went through so many with my last car A few ideas: This Halfords one might be worth a look: Good luck!
  15. Thanks. These kinds of racks sound a bit risky. I spent months trying to get to the bottom of a leaky rear hatch in my old Citroen so the thought of water in the Ibiza is not a pleasant one