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  1. Where did u get the led tape from?
  2. Hate the winter weather. Cars absolutely filthy. Even more fun was changing a driveshaft in a public carpark after my Cv joint failed... 

    love that traction control button too much haha. 

    Got a new work motor now so she is away to come off the road for some TLC.

    What do you think i should do guys.




  3. Thanks Lewis. I actually went to buy a Ibiza Cupra R when i saw this car and went with it instead. It may only be the 1.4 but its a great little car. Cant fault it and the colour Balea Beige is beautiful. when you look at it in the sun some angles are silver and some are like gold. Brilliant collour as i said. 😁😁😁
  4. Sorry for very slow reply. I bought the spoiler from Seat. Some aftermarket fibreglass parts can be a noghtmare. I got it sprayed at a bodyshop i used to work at. And they fitted it for £60 Normally you would be £100-£150.
  5. im looking to get some form of air intake mod on my 1.4 30th edition. Whats your advice?
  6. Juat had the front end resprayed because of stonechip damage. And rear fr spoiler painted and fitted
  7. Juat had the front end resprayed because of stonechip damage. And rear fr spoiler painted and fitted
  8. Anyone got any ideas on best place to get a new air intake kits for a 1.4 natural asp ibiza ?
  9. Sorry for **** quality but theres side lights and fogs
  10. No better way than spending your night laying on the road changing bulbs while your mrs mans the torch haha
  11. Drivers side is a doddle. Passenger side like you said is a pig to do haha
  12. Got these fog light bulbs through the post today. Looks alot nicer
  13. First chance to get proper pics after i detailed the seat yesterday... at work and on way home...
  14. Some snaps drom work and my commute home...