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  1. What do you think mate
  2. The front bumper at the moment
  3. Cheers buddy me too lol heat gun should do the trick. I will treat her to the full works when she is ready. I am putting two fins in the front bumper but I am smoothing them in then I'm respraying the front bumper rear bumper and skirts. The rear bumper and skirts are painted. Sooo it's the long process of sanding and painting lol my cousin is quite handy with a paint gun so he's coming to help on Friday. Hopefully get it done before th good weather comes bk
  4. I cant wait that long haha should be done before the summer lol
  5. went out today to see if it would be brittle or not. Think it will come of easy with a heat source. Was gona stay out and get quite a bit done but as my daughter has just been born. I can't get a spare couple of hours lol
  6. Well it looks fine mate but there is a couple rust spots on the rear arch. That's the plan buddy I'm quite busy just now but I will update you with pics tomorrow
  7. Would probrably need the dimensions of the runners and stuff to see if they would fit. Wouldn't like to see the price lol
  8. Hi dude. Would these fit in my mk3 cupra r? Or would I have to get stuff modified for them to fit
  9. Yeah mate has to be put bk to silver I think. I got her at the end of the year last year mate. Gona take the wrap of see what the paint is like if it's ****ty then she will be getting a respray lol that's the budget for a hybrid turbo and forged buddy so hopefully she doesn't need painted and I can get straight onto that. Cheers for the advice I will post photos whe she is ready
  10. Cheers dude your help is appricited. My mate has a sign and sticker business and he told me to use a heat gun and other people are telling me to use a kettle and heat gun. The paint is fine underneath so hopefully it should be fine.. really don't understand why someone would put that ****ty wrap on! Totally ruined the car! I will take her back to her natural beauty ๐Ÿ‘There's a pic of the blue that's on her just now
  11. I was going to become a premium member and it says the stuff is out of stock.. I will try again in a couple of days
  12. Needing some advice on dewrapping my car
  13. I need someone's opinion on removing wrap? Any suggestions? Cheers
  14. Hey dudes I have purchased my mk3 6k2 the other week and it is vinyl wrapped baby blue. It is silver underneath and the boy I bought it from says the paint is ok. I have half done the front wing and the paint is fine. There is two bubbles on the rear arch. Hopefully just surface rust. Anyways does anyone know what is the best way to get this off? I have bought a silver front end so just need the doors and quarters and boot done