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  1. My FR and Wife's Adam

    From the album My new 2017 1.2

  2. Hey all Sorry i havent posted anything, I have got the car and im supper happy with it, So happy i have alredy Clocked up 1000 mile's OPS lmao I will be Uploaded some pic's when i have cleaned her here is a pic of her first clean and my Wife's Adam as well
  3. Hello, how has you're fr been? And yeah it's gonna be a 2017 can't wait
  4. IMG_20170227_151336.jpg

    From the album My new 2017 1.2

  5. IMG_20170227_151322.jpg

    From the album My new 2017 1.2

  6. IMG-20170225-124936.jpg

    From the album My new 2017 1.2

  7. Hello From Bristol My Name is Sean Maddock's I am picking up my new 1.2 Fr On Firday i can not wait