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  1. Not yet mate, still torn as to which ones to get to be honest!
  2. Great motor mate and welcome to the forum!
  3. Just curious to see how everyone washes their motors Do you have your own stuff at home and do a start to finish kind of job? Do you take it to the local jet wash and do it yourself that way? Do you use a car wash? Do you pay for someone else to do it? Or is there another way I may have forgotten about? For me all my previous cars I used to take somewhere else and get an inside and out job plus few extra for about £10 Cleaned the new Ibiza the other day though for the first time and went to the jet wash and did it myself, due to the layout of my house I don't have the luxury sadly of parking up on a drive and being able to hose it down and clean it on a nice sunny afternoon
  4. Just seen I'm top for the current week! Definitely encouragement to post more!
  5. These are the other ones I've seen that interested me as well but just a bit bland
  6. Yeah that's where I've seen them eBay, had a look on the net in general google etc but can't find these anywhere else £45 + £8 postage They do green as well I think and possibly blue Yeah colour is a tougher option, it'd go better with the inside of my car which would be more important, but then it'd match the colour of the car too Will continue to look see what else is about
  7. What car mats do you all have in your vehicles at the moment? I'm looking at the following ones, but will work out to £54, however can't seem find them anywhere else which is a shame They also have some with a red surround as apposed to a grey, the red would match the inside of my car, but the grey would match the outside of my car, so need to work out which would look better too!
  8. Love hose plates! Waiting for my new log book to come through before getting my private plates on. Was the chap happy for you to pass his details on? I usually just get my plates made up at a local shop but love that pressed look and the surround too, but I'd be interested in seeing what he charges and ordering them from him
  9. Nice motor op Don't mean to hijack the thread, but just as this has been mentioned I was wondering what difference you've found premium petrol has made if any, and which garage have you used (BP, Texaco, Shell etc)
  10. Does anyone have any iPhone docks/holders they can recommend for their vehicle? Usually purchase Brodit holders but not massively keen on where they sit on the Seats, mindful that with CarPlay as well it'll need to be wired at times
  11. Yeah thats the only positive just thought least it can be cleaned and could have been a lot worse! However I'll be peeed if I go out to my car in the morning and its happened again I've seen the house I want and really love it, however with the other fees on top I think I'm just short of deposit currently which is a shame as its a lovely house, new build on a brand new estate, out the way and my mate has just brought an house in the same estate too! The fees on top of your deposit are a joke and thats what makes it difficult for first time buyers. Yeah I've had a look at some mortgage stuff, blew my mind to an extent, can't decide between getting a broker or finding my own mortgage
  12. I'm not lucky enough to be in the 17 club sadly! Mines a 66 plate registered n 3rd Jan this year so falls into the 2017 version Took it for it's first wash today, after some charming and delightful person decided to gob all over the passenger window during the night, reminds me why I'm looking to buy my first house at least!
  13. Cheers mate I've got to say the more I drive it the more I love it, to the point where I can't wait to finish work to go and drive it some more! Mines a bit of a different colour to usual ones as it's a dark grey, sort of a gun metal grey, I've yet to see anyone with the same colour car as it. Will try and uplodate some pictures over the next few days if I get chance (if anyone wants to see it)
  14. Hopefully it'll be worth it if in a few months time I can say well I got rid of the BMW, but have a house and a cracking little motor in its place sat outside! Yeah I've got to be honest I didn't even consider a Seat, I was thinking Corsa it is and just by chance saw the Seat for sale for just a little extra per month so drove it and love it. The touch screen and apple car play are gorgeous and fell in love with them! It does have a bit of pull initially too, a lot more than I expected it to, 24 hours in and not stalled yet so classing it as a success up to now! Oh and in typical fashion, all I've seen on the road since I got my Ibiza, is Ibiza's everywhere, always seems the way!
  15. Cost more than anything else About 6 months ago I got alarm bells when I had a puncture and was told a new wheel would be in the £230 region! And now I'm looking to get a mortgage and something had to go with the only thing being the BMW, I'm saving half what I was paying on the BMW - joys of growing up eh!