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  1. wondering if anyone can help. My boot has been playing up basically since I got the car. Took it to the Seat garage and they apparently sorted the problem... 2 days later the problem was not sorted. Took it to my friends garage and he had a look at the electrics and stuff(don't know details, I don't touch anything like that🙄) and he fixed the problem.. it worked for a while but now it's buggered again! It will work perfectly fine one minute then the next I'm locked out my boot and cannot for the life of me get it open again and find myself having to climb over seats to get my stuff out it which is a pain in the ar*e! but then the next day it will work perfectly again! It seems to know when I really need to get stuff in/out the boot and start playing up😂😑 has anyone else had this problem and actually managed to fix it properly ?! I need this fixed for good, it's becoming such a hassle and since there is not a lot of space getting in and out of the back seats in general it's even harder pulling stuff over my back seats from the boot😑😑
  2. I thought the yellow was stand out enough but without being too much! I didn't even want to paint them but they looked so minging in like a faded grey colour!
  3. What colour would you change the calipers to? I don't know what colours match the back and white haha
  4. Very strange though cause mines is an Ibiza Sportcoupe 2010 and every one that I have seen has a button on the indicator stalk to change the displays... next time your cars in the garage ask the question.
  5. Opinions needed! So I'm getting my wheels refurbed soon and I have a choice of colour and finish of the wheels. I want to stick with black as I like the whole black and white theme.. so glossy black or matte black... that's the question!? What's your opinions. My man thinks the glossy black looks cheap but my dad thinks the matte black makes them look dirty... I like both so I have no idea what one to choose. Here's a picture of my car with the alloys as they are just now!
  6. That's strange... I have the ibiza 6j sport coupe 10 plate too and mines is on the end of my wiper stalk. Has yours got the button at the bottom of the display that you can press to change them?
  7. Welcome to the forum! Oh she needs some TLC!! Good luck with that! Keep us updated on how she's coming along!
  8. This happened to my headlight and it cleared itself when the better wheather came but everytime it was crap weather it would mist up and it just kept getting worse and worse. Checked the clips and stuff and tried to dry it out but nothing worked so I just replaced the headlight itself... noticed when I removed the headlight it had a crack along the underside of it that was letting in water.
  9. Spent the day in the sun giving the car a much needed Hoover and clean then a good scrub, polish and wax! She's all shiny! terrible idea to clean your car in 27 degrees weather though!😥
  10. Spent the day in the sun giving the car a much needed Hoover and clean then a good scrub, polish and wax! She's all shiny! terrible idea to clean your car in 27 degrees weather though!😥
  11. Will be worth the time! Aw that's crap. I sent my spoiler to my local VW garage to get colour matched and it was perfect!
  12. Got it guys! Incase anyone else is wondering, or for future reference. Literlaly just have to push it from the side out towards the side of your car and it pops out the middle but and I used a plastic fork to pop it out from there. Should not have taken as long as it did but mines was half snapped off so made it a little harder to push it along. If any of that makes sense haha
  13. Sounds like you've got some busy days ahead of you then! Haha A spoiler was a must for me, really finishes off the back end! I have the standard seat spoiler that I got from Seremotors.com in Ireland! But you can also get it on seataccesories.co.uk check out my photos of you wanna have a look. I know a few guys on this forum have the same one!
  14. Hey, welcome to the forums! Car looks great!! You got any more plans for the car in the future?
  15. Need some help, getting really frustrated! Rear reflector is broken so I bought a new one and trying to get the old reflector off! Been prodding and pulling at it for half an hour and nothing. Anyone know how to remove this thing? By the looks of the new one it's just a bit that slides in and a bit that clips on so thought it would come off easy!