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  1. I suppose if it suits the look of your car. I have the white and black theme but I just didn't like black on my boot for some reason. while we are on the subject of dogs... do you guys use anything to stop dog hairs and mud getting all over the car? obviously my boot is all carpet and the dog hairs are literally embedded into it now it's almost impossible to get rid off. And the little buggers keep jumping over from the boot into the back seat and my cars getting minging! Lol
  2. I don't blame you, I wouldn't pay £54 for one when there are cheaper ones that are just as good! Haha! Yeah, Let me know how it looks!
  3. Car looks great! Love the colour! I've got 80% tint on my back 3 windows. Would definitely just get a professional to do it! Mines didn't cost me anything luckily, I have very handy friends👍🏻 Any luck with the debadging? Was thinking of doing that to mines but unsure if I would actually like it. Also, the wind deflectors, if you pop onto eBay they have loads and just put in your car details and it will tell you if they fit your car! So many options! Have you thought about a spoiler? Makes the car look really slick I think!
  4. Yeah, exactly like that one! 54 quid is a bit pricey, but I would say worth it. but if you can find cheaper alternatives then that's even better! But yeah looks exactly like that. And when it's on no one knows it's there!
  5. Couldn't imagine not having power steering! You must have good arms💪🏻 I got very lucky with the price! I actually crashed the car into a ditch but ended up only ripping off the side skirt and passenger mirror and then my neighbour reversed into the front of it and scraped my bumper(hence the DC stickers to cover the scratches up😂). And it had loads of scratches from my dogs! Only thing I don't was put in a radio and add new side skirts! Obviously had a lot of fixing under the bonnet but just repairs not actually changing or improving anything. Must have been my charm🙄😂
  6. Hey, i had something like that but it was like a stick on protector and it was great, stopped all scratches. I just didn't like it because it was black, on a white car and it bugged me. But I got a clear one from a guy at Seat for free cause my dog was cute😂 So now I have the clear one and it's great. No one even notices it and I have no dog scratches on my car! Would definitely get one! Worth it to stop the mass amounts of scratches you end up with!
  7. Car looks great! Love the mats and the carbon style door sil protectors! So jealous of all you lot with your new reg FR's! 😒😂
  8. What a first car😂 That's not bad actually getting some money for that! I actually Sold my first car for more than what I bought it for somehow😂
  9. Welcome to the forums! I don't own an FR so I don't have an input on that, but I agree with Ford160989 you won't be dissappointed, they look and drive great!
  10. for the sound part I have no idea but the external stuff.. I used Sere Motors, Seat dealer in Ireland. All genuine parts just slightly cheaper. That's where I got everything for my car and fits perfectly. Just give the guy an email with the parts you want and he can help you out. hawthornedb@yahoo.co.uk also, www.maxtondesign.co.uk www.seataccessories.co.uk hope this helps.
  11. Average... I'm not a very eco driver if I'm honest so I feel like this number is pretty good for me! Usually between 38-40mpg, highest I've got was 50.
  12. Haha that's a classic example of a first car😂 I like the MG! Looks pretty cool. My Suzuki was the same. Window wipers and indicators were on opposite sides and would always spray my screen wash instead of flashing someone and vice versa😂
  13. Welcome😁 I'm relatively new too and these guys have been great at answering as many questions as possible! Car looks nice. Same a mine but I have the SC with the black sunroof👌🏻
  14. Nice looking car! Needs lowered a little, add a spoiler and some grey 17's and it would be perfect😂👍🏻
  15. Yeah we will all be thankful to have an Ibiza when we have our very own homes. It's no competition between driving a nice car or having a home! And yeah I totally agree about the Ibiza. Mines isn't all modern inside like yours but I like the simplicity of the interior and it's a great wee car to drive! Good luck on your house buying experience. It's stressful but will hopefully be worth it👍🏻😂