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  1. Well...I've booked in to go and see a blue 1.2l TSI, 62 plate, 3 door Ibiza FR next weekend (if it doesn't sell before then) it's in Swindon, so a bit of a journey! I will let you all know if I get it
  2. Thank you for your welcomes I am looking at either a 1.2 or a 1.4 TSI FR, depends what the prices are like, although it's easier to find a 1.2 ...my current car is a 1.1 with 61bhp...so going to a 1.2 with 104bhp will be a huge change as it is lol
  3. I was so happy to get my current car so I could have power steering! Did you do any improvements to the car, or did you just get lucky with the price? Lol
  4. My first car was a 1.2 1997 Renault Clio Biarritz... No power steering, no electric windows, manual sunroof, had a tape player in it when I bought it...lol all the bump strips fell off one side and someone made a huge scrape down the side...but I never had any problems with it, except a new battery and a hefty first MOT! Ended up getting £250 for it when I sold it to a customer of the shop I ran...wouldn't have been given anything trade in!
  5. Hello everyone! I've joined the forum because I'm hopefully getting a Seat Ibiza FR in June and I thought I'd have a lurk for a bit to see what people are saying about them and see if there's anything I should look out for? I'm an apprentice mechanic, so I have a fair amount of confidence when it comes to inspecting them, but it would be great if anyone has any pointers for areas to check? I currently own a little black Getz at the moment, but I've been saving for a new car for ages (and im nearly there!) so it's time to get an FR. Thank you for your help in advance, see you around!