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  1. guide

    It goes into the side of the lock mechanism but can't seem to get it back in. Waiting on a mechanic to get back to me
  2. guide

    Followed guide yesterday and got door card off but couldn't get the two m8 screws off the wedged on 😕😕😕 and now kinda stripped 🤥🤥🤥🤥. I got the window regulator fixed last year the mechanic made a **** of it slightly striped the wires to locking module. Can't seem to get that white clip back into the module
  3. Sorry I know it's an old tread but having problems getting mine to work. When i fit it into the holder it does not work. If I tip the brass part of metal on the car it works.Can anyone please help me out
  4. Your guide will truly help me out 😊😊😊.My drivers door does not lock at all with fob so going to replace mechanism what is weird thou is it does not lock with the key
  5. Just dropping by to say hello came across this site while looking for a guide to replace my drivers door lock on my cordoba.😊😊
  6. guide

    Great write up will be following this guide to try fix my drivers door
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