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      Over the past couple of years we've seen an influx of productivity and engagement across our social networking platforms. So much so, that the social realm as you may know, is overtaking the likes of websites and forums. We have been number crunching and feel it is best that we go with the flow and embrace the social media world.
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  1. Value for money I definitely can't complain. Have got a moonsoon grey one. Pretty well kitted out but I'm unsure what they come out the factory with as standard. In talks with AMD to have some work done once I have it
  2. First topic! Ive been looking into work I'd like done on the car. Exhaust, I'll be getting a custom job, as I want it quiet but also want that diesel turbo roar when you do stamp on the loud pedal. Ive been looking at remapping. Amd seem to always pop up, but they do appear to be a lot of money. Ive also heard stories of issues? Can people give us a heads up on any possible other options or are amd the best go to? Happy to pay, as long as it's safe etc. Induction, K&N have always been my go to, but is there anything better for this particular engine? Ram-air, BMC. What's the score? Finally, D/V, BOV. Again, Baileys/Forged was my go to. But are these any good for this engine? Anything else to look out for? My turbo knowledge is a little out, 6 years ago I had a little MK1 Punto GT at stage 1. any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi! im picking up my first Seat next week. Mk5 1.6 FR. One owner, 48,000 miles. Really nice car for the money. Mainly bought it as a small family car for myself now I have my little one. But..... of course I can't help but have a little play with it. But I'll post in the relevant section about that. looking forward to being part of the forum Billy