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Sam Needham

Sam's 2005 Ibiza TDi

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Didn't realize there where any local members to me, i'll have to keep an eye out 

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On 24/02/2017 at 1:46 PM, Krash said:

Didn't realize there where any local members to me, i'll have to keep an eye out 

There's the odd car with an 'Ibiziaoc.com' sticker in the windows around here! However, you'll most likely see my car driving around the place at some point! :rasberry:

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On 2/27/2017 at 10:19 AM, Sam Needham said:

There's the odd car with an 'Ibiziaoc.com' sticker in the windows around here! However, you'll most likely see my car driving around the place at some point! :rasberry:

fair enough mines the Black Mk5 facelift cupra if you see me first 

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Well, this is always fun! On Tuesday, I suddenly started noticing a cracking noise coming from the front of the car when coming to a stop, when setting off and during some cornering situations. Wasn't able to get the car into a garage until today (and the sound had died off in the last few days), but it turns out that the offside Lower Suspension Arm had near enough completely split in two. So, I was pretty lucky to get it checked out when I did as total failure would have been more costly and of course, would have caused a pretty big situation out on the roads. The car has been left at the garage until next Monday where they'll contact me regarding quotes for the work and about getting the work done. Still has been quite a surprise as the only thing that seemed wrong was the cracking sound - it even drove fine which could have led some people into a false sense of security. Not heard about these arms splitting in two very much in general, but maybe that's a good thing. Still, I'm sure my bank account will be pleased to see a heap of cash fly out! :dry: :P

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So, it's been a little while since I last posted here, and that's because nothing very dramatic has gone on until the last week or so. I was out driving and saw a tidy looking car parked up at the side of the road, took a look at it, contacted the seller and, to cut a long story short - the Seat is no more and is now going on to lead a new life, whilst I get to enjoy something new!

Meet the Ibiza's replacement, a 2006 Audi A3 Sportback! :laugh:




It's got the same 1.9TDi powerplant as the Seat, with the main difference being that it's fitted with a DPF Filter. It has 112,000 miles on the clock and is in the midrange 'SE' trim so comes with Dual-Zone Climate Control, Cruise Control as well as Auto Lights/Wipers - so a bit of a step up from the Ibiza! Pretty pleased so far, although there are one or two niggles and it is in need of a pretty good clean - which is in progress! Overall, I'd say it was worth the upgrade, but I will have to see how things go; see if I have as many problems as the dear old Seat! :goodgrief:

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    • By Sam Needham
      So, I felt it was about time I created a little guide for the forums. I know there is a guide about Cup Holder Replacement already, but I thought I would create an updated thread with some higher quality images, links to the tools/etc. So, anyway, this is a guide on how to replace the Cup Holder on an Ibiza 6L. Jamming and failure of the Cup Holder is quite common in this generation of Ibiza, and is often something that people want to replace!
      Project Complexity: 2/10
      Time to Complete: Approximately 30 Minutes - 1 Hour
      What You'll Need:
      - Replacement Cup Holder (can be found through eBay or breakers websites such as 1stchoice.co.uk)
      - Radio Removal Tool (For removal of the stock Alana Head Unit, Halfords stock the AutoLeads PC5-132s required): AutoLeads PC5-132 on Halfords Website
      - Small Screwdriver with T20 Screw Bit (a must have for any project): Draper 42 Piece Screwdriver Set
      - Your Stereo Security Code which can be found on your Radio Card in your Owner's Manual (you must have this in order to use your radio again)
      1) The first job is to obviously ensure that the vehicle is switched off and the battery is disconnected before starting the work. This is to ensure we don't run into potentiall electrical problems further on. Once that's complete, put the AutoLeads PC5-132s into the removal holes on the stereo (below button 1 and the SCAN button). The flat side of these should go to the outside of the stereo.

      2) When removing the stereo, pull each of the keys slightly to the right whilst applying pulling pressure to the stereo, otherwise the keys will simply fall out! The radio will start to come out, and once out, remove the Antenna, Speakers and Power connectors. Place the stereo in a safe place and ensure that the stereo cables don't fall down the back of the dashboard, as that'll be a real pain to retrieve!

      3) The next job is the removal of removal of the tray under where the stereo sits, this does require a firm tug, so don't be afraid to give it a good pull! Once that's out, you'll have access to all the screws you need to undo the facia. There are 5x T20 Screws to deal with, 4 of them being approximately where these red circles are, and the other being inside the hole, under the Cup Holder & Buttons assembly.

      4) The Facia should be removable now, although a Flat Head Screwdriver is advisable to help some of the Tabs release to remove the unit. There's now another pair of T20 Screws to remove, one on the left side of the Cup Holder, and one on the right side of the Hazard Light, you don't have to disconnect the Airbag Light, Rear Window Heater and Hazard Light, but it can help to make things more maneuverable. 

      5) The Cup Holder unit should now be free! Personally, I tried to unjam mine to see if it would make removal a little easier, but it doesn't make much of a difference. Whilst pulling the old Cup Holder out, pull left slightly to help free it from its housing. Don't worry if the Airbag Light falls out, we can reinstall this upon reinstallation!

      6) You are now able to slide your new Cup Holder in, slide it into position and check to make sure it works before starting the reinstallation process!

      7) Do the opposite of what you did for disassembally, if you have disconnected any connectors, my advice is to reconnect them now and check everything is working correctly before continuing. This reduces headaches later on!

      8 ) Once the facia is reattached to the dashboard and screwed in, you can now replace the Storage Tray, which will again need a little bit of persuading!

      9) For radio installation with the Alana Stereo, do the reverse of removal. So, for mine, the Black Power Lead goes into the bottom plug, and the Brown Speaker Lead goes into the upper plug, with the Antenna Plug going onto its own connector.

      10) Put the stereo mostly back in and re-enter your Radio Code, once put in, press the SCAN button to return to normal radio listening and ensure that everything sounds fine.

      11) Once completed, fully install the stereo into the dashboard and remove the radio removal tools. If the tools don't want to come out, then pull the radio out again, and press on the metal strips on either side of the radio whilst slowly working the keys free, and that should solve the problem!

      12) Test your Cup Holder and enjoy many refreshing beverages with your new Cup Holder! 

      I hope you find this tutorial useful. Please note, that I claim no responsibility for damage to your vehicle whilst following this guide. This guide is based purely off my experience of replacing the Cup Holder within the Ibiza 6L, and has not been carried out by a professional mechanic. Before disconnecting electronic equipment from your vehicle, disconnect the battery to eliminate potential problems during this process. Proceed through this guide with care, and seek expert advice from a qualified mechanic if you are unsure/unclear of the uninstallation and installation.

    • By Sam Needham
      Today, I had some problems with my 6L Ibiza 1.9TDi, where there was some rather alarming clunking noises occurring when the wheel was turned, and some slightly quieter noises whilst the car was driving. It's the first time this has occurred, so obviously I abandoned the journey, and limped the car back home to avoid any more serious issues taking place.
      The car drove fine the last time I drove it (Tuesday), but when I got into the car yesterday to fit a new Cup Holder, there was a large noise that was very much like the noise you get from the seat if it isn't quite in its position. As I thought it was that, I didn't think any more of it until today, when I started having these issues. Here's a small video that demonstrates the problem (and was done at low speed, but you can still hear the noises).
      The car is being taken in by the garage next Wednesday so will be sat for a few days. However, it'd be nice to be pointed into the direction of potential points of failure, I spoke to the previous owner on the phone (employee at the garage in question), and he claims it had a new Steering Rack fitted when he bought the car last August (and he had done 20,000 miles in the car since). It'd be great if you guys had any advice on the matter, as from first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything noticeably amiss, but then again, the sound seemed to come more from the centre of the car (but under/around the engine).
      Thanks in advance for any advice! 
    • By iamkbd
      Hi Guys,


      I bought a 2006 ibiza TDI FR this weekend, wondeful car to drive and so far no issues.

      It's the 130pd engine with just over 90k on the clock.


      Sometimes when sat at traffic lights/not moving and out of gear, the engine sounds like it's missfiring slightly, and the engine doesnt seem to be idling correctly, as if it's choking.


      Is this something to worry about/what can i do to resolve the issue?