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Recommeded No H2O Wash & Wax Products?

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Any recommendations for wash & wax products that don't need any water to use, particularly on Emocion red?  Can't get a hose or buckets to the car easily.  I picked up a bottle of Meguiar's Wash & Wax Anywhere and some microfibre cloths in Halfords.  What do people use when hoses and buckets aren't an option?  Any favourites?

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i would use this stuff https://www.prestigecarcareshop.com/collections/wash-dry/products/adams-new-waterless-wash with this https://www.prestigecarcareshop.com/collections/wash-dry/products/adams-microfiber-waterless-wash-towels adams products are always top quality and theres videos showing you how to use each product. then just go over the car with a detail spray and buff, job done

or you could try something like this https://www.shopnshine.co.uk/chemical-guys-ecosmart-ru


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Thanks.  I'll check those out.  First motorway trip this past weekend with lots of spray from trucks so I think I need a good old fashioned hose wash.

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There's a waterless wash and wax by Williams (F1 team) which they use on their F1 cars. I haven't used it and I stay away from waterless as i am not convinced however it's gets great reviews and I know someone who uses it and brings his vehicle up nicely.

Just search it on eBay or amazon. Don't need to use much per wash either apparently.

What you could do is take your car to a nearby jet wash, spray the worst off and then use the waterless system to ensure you don't scratch the car too much.

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      Right then folks, first group buy of 2015.

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