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Firstly, I'm a newbie and I'd like to say hi. My name is Rick and I'm from Canterbury in Kent. Been modifying and racing cars for 23yrs, mainly 1/4 mile in numerous different cars. 

I thought this was the best place to ask the questions I have about a little project I'm thinking about starting.

I have a 99 Audi S3 with the APY 20v engine. I've had it for just over a year and it hasn't missed a beat. The bodywork has failed and now has no mot. I also have a 07' 1.2 ibiza with a dead engine, you know what I'm going to ask next. I know the mk4 came with the 20v so can I drop in the APY? What mounts? Can I also used the S3 gearbox converted to 2wd or would it be easier to use a gearbox from an actual mk4 20v? What else do I need to know? 

I can do the mechanical work no problem but which bits and pieces I'm not sure? I'm sure this topic has been covered time and again but I'm new to this forum and I'm just finding my way around. Any links would be beneficial also.



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