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Hi guys,

I'm completely new to Seat and obviously new to IbizaOC so bare with me if I've put this in the wrong place!


I've just bought 1.2 TSI FR (2014) and was looking to modify it, the main modification I want to do is to make the turbo whistle louder, which is why I'm here to ask..

I've seen that there's only really the Forge induction kit and that will be the one I'm going to buy, however, do I need to buy a blow off valve aswell? Or is the whistle still half decent without it?

Can't really afford both the induction kit and the BOV at the minute which is why I'm asking if it would be worth buying just one or the other?


Cheers for your help in advance:)


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To be honest mate. The air filter in the 1.2s are good and putting in an induction kit I dont think you will get more benefit.  Instead you should look at replacing the filter in the airbox with an aftermarket (K&N\Pipercross do these).  You will get slightly more engine noise from that.  Then if you want the whistle noise, then you can just put on a BOV...

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