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Induction kits

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Hi guys,

I'm completely new to Seat and obviously new to IbizaOC so bare with me if I've put this in the wrong place!


I've just bought 1.2 TSI FR (2014) and was looking to modify it, the main modification I want to do is to make the turbo whistle louder, which is why I'm here to ask..

I've seen that there's only really the Forge induction kit and that will be the one I'm going to buy, however, do I need to buy a blow off valve aswell? Or is the whistle still half decent without it?

Can't really afford both the induction kit and the BOV at the minute which is why I'm asking if it would be worth buying just one or the other?


Cheers for your help in advance:)


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To be honest mate. The air filter in the 1.2s are good and putting in an induction kit I dont think you will get more benefit.  Instead you should look at replacing the filter in the airbox with an aftermarket (K&N\Pipercross do these).  You will get slightly more engine noise from that.  Then if you want the whistle noise, then you can just put on a BOV...

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    • By olliedg6
      Hi guys,
      About 2 months ago my car started chirping at idle, noise went away when clutch pedal pushed. Took it to a garage and they said the clutch release bearing was bad. I got the clutch replaced as it was worn down anyways with the bearings etc.All was fine after for a week. Then I start hearing an awful rattling noise from my car at idle. Like the chirping noise it went away when the clutch pedal was pushed. However it would be considerably louder when it was hot or the engine had been running for some time. Took it back to the garage and they said it was the release bearing again and that they would install a new clutch kit again under warranty. As I was away for a 2 weeks I had to wait until now to get it replaced. Garage rung me up today saying the car is still making the noise with the new clutch and that they would need to look at it again. I've started having a look online for what this noise could be and I've found some articles saying it could be the input shaft bearing or worse the whole gearbox. Does anyone have experience on this problem and know what it is?
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      Hey all!
      just bought a Seat Ibiza FR 2.0l 2011. The cars a lovely blue and it's been remapped by Ecotune to give 200Bhp so it's pretty poky!
      the car is for the mrs due to the miles she does to work, and I've taken her car and made my daily (370z) into a weekend car
      Some questions I had which would really help me:
      1. I'm right in thinking I have a pre facelift?
      2. Does this car have any common modifications that are recommended?
      3. The car doesn't have a sceen for the head unit which I was gutted about. I would have preferred a Bluetooth type arrangement. What do others do to get around this? Can the facelift head unit fit into the pre facelift?
      4. The bonnet handle inside the car to open the bonnet is broke and I'm after a replacement. 
      5. The mechanism to adjust the wing mirrors electronically is snapped off so I need a new part. It's the part on the doorcard on the drivers side
      6. The arch gap looks massive! I almost thought the seller put wrong tyres on the car but they are stock size! The 40 profile is pretty small. Is it common for people to get 215/40/17 or 205/45/17 instead? Can any changes be done to the ECU to tell the speedo what tyre size is on the car if I update it so it sorts out the speedo and the trip computer?
      7. I've got a lightbulb light on the dashboard  seller said it was because of led nunberplate lights....is this the case with others who have LEDs all around?
      anybother recommendations would be good. I don't plan to spend loads on the car since it's nice as it is and it's meant to just get the Mrs to work and back
      thanks a lot
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      Hi this morning I was driving my car and I noticed a wierd light flashing on the dashboard in the right hand side. After looking in the owners manual I found it was the ESP/TCS light. At first I thought it was just because it was a little damp and slippery out but my car is a base model Ibiza mk4 with steel wheels so I wouldn't think it had TCS or ESP. Could it possibly be a problem with the abs system. Btw it eventually wore off and stop doing it but I just wanna be sure there's not a safety issue.
      I attached a diagram and it's the dashboard light with 14 that keeps flashing.

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      Iv recently replaced all the o rings on every boost pipe on my FR tdi aswell as all the vac pipes after one of them failed and caused a severe lack of boost.
      I had leaky o rings on all pipes since i bought it and after changing them today it drive and boosts so much nicer, however the bottom boost pipe popped off with just a little throttle in 3rd....
      it was 100% secured properly after the rings were changed but i dont want it to be a reoccurring fault, what are peoples suggestions to stop this happening? 
    • By Splay123
      I have had my seat ibiza mk 4 1.2 2008 valves grinded and reseatted.I recieved the car back to find a rattling sound towards the top of the engine.The noise sounds like it is coming from near the exhaust maniford sheild.Anyone know what this could be?