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Your Car Name?

80 posts in this topic

First car: Silver Peugeot 206 called it (her) Paris 

Current Car : Ibiza, called it ( the mean green Ecomotive machine ) it's colour is Lima Green and it's at £0 road tax it's that green on the environment , but her proper name Green Ella the Ecomotive Ibiza. 


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It was having a few problems the other month, so it became known as the Bitcha. 

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Not that inventive guys!

mk3 fiesta.. Fezz, uncle fester

Mk1 Clio - Clio (yawn)

perodua nippa - the nippa!

Purple corsa spin - Milo (the Tweenies)

mk2 golf/polo breadvan/mk3 golf - all cost me £50 each so all sheds, jolf (Jetta front end) and Olop (polo backwd)

audi 100 - old boy...

arosa tdi- rosa 

peugeot 406 estate.. Pugrot

astra H Sri - Astrid (from fringe)

Ibiza 6j - Beeza, beefa, beezy, beetza




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My Ibiza is Ribica, which means little fish in croatian... the "C" in Ribica and "Z" in Ibiza sound the same when pronounced :laugh:

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